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Apr 15, 2023 / 23:46

Cafe Show: Bringing Vietnamese coffee to the world

Vietnam is famous for its coffee supply and coffee culture which has helped the nation rise in global rankings over the years.

Vietnam Int’l Cafe Show 2023 (Cafe Show 2023) has successfully fulfilled its mission of changing the mixology and taking Vietnam’s beverage industry to new heights.

The annual event, the 8th of its kind held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is part of the Cafe Show series organized in Seoul, Shanghai, and Paris.

Cafe Show connects the world of coffee by forging new alliances and strengthening existing ones. It creates stronger businesses, expands opportunities, generates insightful data, and sets trends.

The event gathered some 400 domestic and international participants, including well-known brands: Trung Nguyen, Simexco, Intimex, An Thai, Tin Nghia, Vinh Hiep. It covered coffee, other drinks, and desserts. 

Cafe Show has left impressions on attendees with a wide variety of booths showcasing coffee and F&B-related products and services.

During the three-day exhibition starting on April 13, tens of thousands of visitors had the opportunity to discover fresh, distinctive, and high-quality products from domestic and international manufacturers and distributors. In addition, exciting activities also attracted a large number of participants.

Cafe Show has grown to be a significant event for entire Vietnam’s F&B sector and the coffee industry, providing a forum for producers, distributors, and customers to discuss, learn and discover the latest market trends.

The event featured two exclusive competitions in Vietnam sanctioned by the World Coffee Event (WCE) namely the Vietnam National Barista Championship (VNBC) and the Vietnam National Latte Art Championship (VNLC). The contests are designed to find the best baristas who have a strong desire to use their talents and skills to represent Vietnam abroad. The winner of VNBC 2023 will compete at the World Coffee Championship 2024.

Vietnam’s coffee industry and culture

Vietnam’s coffee industry is flourishing, and its position in the world rankings has been cemented. Vietnam has risen to become the world’s second-largest producer and exporter of coffee. Vietnam’s coffee market is projected to witness a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.07% over the following five years.

In addition, Vietnam has the potential to overtake other nations in the world as the leading producer of instant coffee due to its plentiful supply of Robusta coffee, the main raw material used in the production of instant coffee. Leading coffee producers in Vietnam are increasing their market share by establishing new roasting and instant coffee manufacturing facilities as a result of this significant competitive advantage.

Notably, Vietnam has developed a well-established coffee culture. Large cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are seeing an increase in the number of coffee shops opening, in part because more young people are willing to spend money on high-quality coffee. The impact of Western culture on Vietnamese society is also a contributing factor. As more foreigners travel to or reside in Vietnam, they bring their love for coffee with them.

The rise of Vietnamese coffee culture and the expansion of the middle class are just two of the many factors contributing to the expansion of the country's coffee industry. Specialty coffee shops have proliferated as a result of the rising demand, as have instant and other packaged coffees, both of which are marketed toward middle-class consumers.

Longer workdays and busier schedules are likely to increase consumers’ appreciation of this product category’s convenience, which should encourage more people to switch from freshly ground coffee or traditional instant coffee to instant coffee mixes.

 Vietnam Int’l Cafe Show 2023 (Cafe Show 2023) takes place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on April 13-15. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/Mekong Environment Forum (MEF)
 The show in Vietnam is part of the Cafe Show series organized in Seoul, Shanghai, and Paris. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 The event aims to honor Vietnamese coffee and make business connections. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Almost all leading Vietnamese brands found at the event. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF 
 A recognizable brand with a variety of products. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
  The event features more than just coffee. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 A brand from Australia. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Another foreign brand to offer products for mixology. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Cafe Show is also a place for business matchmaking. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
  Visitors have chance to explore various kinds. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
Different kinds on display. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 A brand from the Central Highlands, Vietnam, which is the world's coffee hub. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Syrup and puree in addition to coffee. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF
 Time to enjoy cups of the world's finest coffee. Photo: Tuyet Nguyen/MEF