31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Jun 03, 2021 / 16:34

Child care highlighted amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Vietnamese educators have activated Children's Action Month 2021 to implement children’s rights and protect them during natural disasters and pandemics.

How to give children a safe and healthy summer during the Covid-19 outbreak?

The question has become a “hot” issue discussed by experts at an online conference jointly held by the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) and Managing Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) this week.

The conference entitled “Protecting and caring for children during the Covid-19 pandemic” was to kick-off activities in June, Action Month 2021 for children.

Participants call for child protection. Photo: kinhtedothi

Experts have agreed that it’s time to take full parenting skills to support children, who are required to stay at home all day to ensure safety and prevent infection. This means that children will have no Summer holiday and lose the chance to play outside with their friends.

Artist Xuan Bac, the father of three, said he was staying at home with his children, not only helping them overcome such a boring period but also improving their adaptability.

Bac, who was an MC of many programs for children on Vietnam Television channels, said the parents should be optimistic about the future, inspiring children with positive impacts.

“We need to spend quality time with our children by playing with them wholeheartedly. It is also a chance for us to see the daily changes of our children,” Bac said.

“It is not easy to become a real friend of our children. Parents need to learn more knowledge to teach them how to keep safe, injury-free and healthy from Covid-19, avoid accidents or injuries, and not to spend too much time to watch television and access Internet.”

Experts have said that the novel coronavirus disease may bring about feelings like anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Many children of all ages are dealing with such emotions in different ways as they have been facing school closures and separation from friends. They now need love and support more than ever from their family members, especially their parents.

Le Thi Tuyet Lan, principal of Xuan Phuong Primary School, said there are a lot of activities for children during the outbreak. Parents should design a schedule for their children to keep them busy but interesting all day.

“Children can read books, write letters and make toys. We can talk with our children on the phone when we are at workplaces,” Lan said.

From the perspective of a psychologist who has experienced many years of consulting children, Nguyen Ha Thanh said staying at home for a too long time will make children facing long-term stress that leads to psychological problems.

“Work is important, but the future of their children is much more important than it. Parents should spend more quality time with their children to understand them and help them overcome such a difficult time,” Thanh said.

The experts have also agreed that the media plays an important role in reinforcing children's awareness. There should be more child-friendly media programs so that children understand their responsibilities while being at home.

During the Action Month, the MoLISA’s Department of Child Affairs in collaboration with MSD and CRG Network will regularly share articles, photos, videos, online talks with a focus on children and their development, providing parents and teachers with useful information on topics such as: caring for children in quarantine, preventing accidents and injuries for children and accompanying children to use the Internet safely and effectively.

They will also promote active education and promotion of children's participation in the family in an effort to bring children a safe and fun summer during the pandemic.

Nguyen Thi Nga, Deputy Director of the Department of Child Affairs, said this year's main theme revolves around the issues of child protection in isolation, guiding parents to accompany children during the pandemic. “We will also instruct people on how to help their children use the internet safely and take care of their physical and mental health.”

Hanoi has kicked off a series of activities in Action Month 2021, ensuring the realization of 24 targets set by the National Action Program for Children in the 2021-30 period.

The city will focus on comprehensive child development, healthcare and nutrition, education, and culture and entertainment.