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Jun 05, 2018 / 08:11

Embassies in Hanoi join hands to combat plastic pollution

Twenty-two embassies and international organizations signed a Code of Conduct on Combating Plastic Pollution in Hanoi yesterday (June 4).

By signing this Code of Conduct, international partners commit to assess their current office practices related to single-use plastic, and institute operational changes to minimize their plastic waste footprint. All signatories also agree to engage their staff in reducing plastic waste and to encourage their partners to adopt low- or no plastic waste-emitting options.
Deputy Mayor of Hanoi Nguyen The Hung speaks at the event. Photo: Chinhphu.vn
Deputy Mayor of Hanoi Nguyen The Hung speaks at the event. Photo: Chinhphu.vn

By taking this joint action, international partners in Vietnam seek to act as change agents in reducing plastic pollution and raising awareness about its negative effects on humans, animals and the environment.
The campaign, spearheaded by the Embassy of Canada in Vietnam, seeks to raise awareness on the negative impacts of plastic pollution, while advocating for changes – at the behavioural, institutional, and policy levels – that will reduce the amount of plastic waste generated in Vietnam.
The event is in line with Hanoi’s program for environment protection, according to Hanoi Deputy Mayor Nguyen The Hung.
Speaking at the signing ceremony, Hung briefed that in 2018, the city launched a program named Month for Environment with the message “Reduce plastic pollution for a Green Hanoi”. The event attracts tens of thousands citizens within two days (June 1-2).
As a big city in Vietnam, Hanoi is facing challenges in environment and negative effects from climate changes. Given that, the city authority has made certain efforts with environment projects while heading to promote the reuse, recycle of plastic waste; encourage environment-friendly energy, products, technologies as well as control air pollution, build green economy. The moves pave the way for a more sustainable, healthy and livable Hanoi, Deputy Mayor Hung added.
The official highly values the international organizations’ efforts in Vietnam to launch this Code of Conduct, aiming to resolve plastic pollution - an achy issues in numerous countries including Vietnam. “This pioneering effort, in our hope, would spread its brightness to every single organization and individual in Hanoi and Vietnam in general,” he added.  
On behalf of Hanoi authority, Hung pledged to support and create favorable conditions for the Code of Conduct to be implemented. “The city will stand by international partners to conduct action plans, build legal corridors to deal with factors of enviroment pollution, including plastic waste”, Hung pressed.