Jul 09, 2021 / 17:59

Hanoi kicks off massive vaccination rollout

The capital city has urged residents to register for the Covid-19 vaccination before July 10.

Hanoi authorities have urged local residents age 18-65 to register for Covid-19 vaccination via an electronic health record app downloadable at: https://hssk.kcb.vn/#/sskdt before July 10. 

The request is made in anticipation of a massive vaccination rollout citywide this year. 

 Hanoi's health sector aimed for 100% of residents to have electronic health records by 2025. Photo: Khoi Nguyen

“Hanoi’s people could register for vaccination via the app. For those, who are not using smartphones, their paper declaration forms will be sent to the municipal People’s Committee with support from localities. There the public servants would digitize the data,” Deputy Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Chu Xuan Dung noted in a related document for localities' leaders.

Through the electronic health record app, people will receive information about the injection site and the expected time of vaccination.

This helps to save time for people, limit the crowded gatherings at the injection facility. Everyone will be given a QR code storing their declared information. Health workers will scan the QR code when the person shows up for the vaccine administration.   

Through this app, the inoculated person will update their health status after vaccination as well as report abnormal health symptoms in the app, and consult medical staff to have guidance on examination and treatment timely.

Hanoi started piloting the electronic health records in 2018 and reached 82% of the population having the records as of 2020. The capital’s health sector aimed for 100% of Hanoian residents to have electronic health records by 2025. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health (MoH) expected health databases at hospitals and health facilities would be interconnected across the country as of July 1.

The electronic medical record app was built in 2019 by three sides including the MoH’s Department of Information and Technology, Viettel Telecom, and the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group.