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Aug 21, 2021 / 11:49

Hanoi rejects rumors about banning people from going out for seven days

Authorities are investigating the sources of misinformation.

Hanoi's authorities have rejected rumors that the city will ban residents from going out for seven days due to the city's growing number of coronavirus infections.

Asked about the hearsay spread on social media networks, Director of the municipal Department of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Liem told The Hanoi Times that the information is completely groundless and untrue.

 "Hanoi will ban people from going out for seven days" is fake news. Screenshot: Anh Kiet

“Hanoi has been effectively conducting quarantine measures in areas where infections have been found and applying social distancing to curb the spread of coronavirus. Other than that, the city has not considered banning people from going out. This is a complete fabrication,” Liem said.

Hanoi police have launched an investigation into the source of the false information and vowed to strictly handle the authors of such misleading information under the law, Liem said, adding that people should not go panic with such misinformation that is “extremely harmful.”

Rumors on social media platforms on August 20 afternoon said: "From tomorrow, Hanoi residents will not be allowed to go out for seven days. If they go to work, they must stay at the work for seven days. Right now, all people have to prepare options."

The Hanoi Department of Information and Communications has required such social networks users to immediately stop spreading the above-mentioned fake news.

The department also requested people not to post, comment or share unverified information, fake and untrue news in general, especially the ones related to the Covid-19 pandemic prevention. The authorities will strictly handle offenders under the law.

Besides, the department has been focusing on detecting and preventing injurious information, handling fake news spreading on the internet, and timely providing reliable information, especially information related to the Covid-19, contributing to stamping out the pandemic.