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Jul 26, 2022 / 21:48

Hanoi's greenery underpass cool down the heat of Summer

The eye-catching greenery is made of creeper plants, making numerous layers overlapping the walls.

In the past few days, Hanoian drivers passing through the underpass in Tran Duy Hung - Thang Long Boulevard have been dazzled at the flora which soothes the summer heat at the moment in the capital city.

In this underground tunnel, there are creeper plants trees with numerous layers creating eye-catching greenery.

The rows of palm trees are proliferating and thriving, which have been greening the road.

The two sides of the tunnel wall are covered with the green color of trees.

Many plants grow strongly in the underground area creating rich vegetation.

Creeper plants flourished on both sides of the road.

Many people feel excited when driving through the tunnel.