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Jun 16, 2024 / 18:22

Hot air balloon ride launched, new tourist offering of Hanoi

The balloon festival returns to Son Tay Town, Hanoi for the second time.

Since mid-June, travelers have been able to explore the historical areas of Son Tay from the air by taking a hot air balloon ride around the city.

 The hot-air balloons anchored at ASEAN Resort, Son Tay Town. Photo: VOV

The balloons will take visitors around the city, enjoying different beautiful views of the city at sunset and sunrise, as well as visiting the most popular cultural and historical sites in the area such as Son Tay Fortress, Duong Lam Ancient Village, and Ba Vi National Park.

All balloons are large, imported from overseas suppliers, and piloted by professional pilots qualified to international standards. The launch and landing areas are carefully assessed and certified by the local government to ensure the safety of locals and visitors.

Visitors can choose between tethered flights lasting 10-15 minutes or free flights lasting 45-60 minutes. The balloons take off and land at the ASEAN Resort and Son Tay Town Stadium.

Le Dai Thang, Deputy Chairman of the Son Tay  People's Committee, said the balloon trips were sure to be a success. "In addition to the balloon flight, Son Tay Town will host many other activities to celebrate the town's 555th anniversary," he said.

Le Anh Hoa, Director of ASEAN Resort, said they would run the balloon service for at least three years. "Hopefully, through our small participation, we will be able to help the city attract the attention of both domestic and international tourists."

In addition to the balloon ride, the local government and the resort company will offer visitors other products, services, and promotions.

Following the first hot air balloon festival in November 2022, this is the second time hot air ballooning will be offered in Son Tay Town.

Son Tay Town

Located about 40 kilometers west of Hanoi, Son Tay Town is home to a number of worthwhile destinations.

 Foreign tourists visit a local house in Duong Lam village. Photo: Hoai Nam/The Hanoi Times

Among them is the Old Citadel, built in 1822 during the reign of King Minh Mang of the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945). 

As one of the four major outposts of Thang Long (the old name of Hanoi), the ancient citadel of Son Tay acted as a sentinel, helping the central government maintain control over the surrounding areas and fend off attacks on the city.

Built of laterite, the ancient citadel of Son Tay is an icon that honors the Vietnamese art of fortification.

According to experts, it is a place where the revered principles of nature, history, architecture, and culture come together.

 Duong Lam Ancient Village in the Son Tay area, recognized as a national relic, is the birthplace of two Vietnamese kings - Phung Hung (761-802) and Ngo Quyen (896-944).

The ancient village has a history of around 1,200 years, with many houses dating back up to 400 years. Most of the buildings here are made of laterite and mud, two materials that are abundant in the area. Laterite is used for house walls, gates, wells, temple walls, and so on. Mud is taken from ponds.

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