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Apr 06, 2022 / 09:46

Madonna lily flowers adorn Hanoi streets

Every year in April, Hanoi streets are brightened up with pure white Madonna lily flowers.

In late spring, when the weather turns warmer with light, cool breezes, it is the season of Hoa Loa Ken or Madonna lily flowers in Hanoi.

Unlike roses and daisies appearing all year round, the Madonna lily flower season lasts only about one month, from April to early May.
 The simple yet elegant flowers inspire people with their pure white and delightful perfume.
 Lilies are carried on street bicycles that roam the streets and markets in Hanoi, signaling the arrival of summer.
Not as colorful or strongly fragrant as many other flowers, the simple white color of the Madonna lily gives this flower its special pure beauty.

As a typical flower of Hanoi that is loved by many people, the fragrance of Madonna lilies is very gentle, creating a pleasant feeling for those who enjoy flowers.

On these days, Hanoians often meet bicycles loaded with Madonna lily flowers on Hanoi’s roads such as Thuy Khue, Le Duan, Nguyen Chi Thanh and Lang. In spite of being mixed with other flowers, Madonna's lily is still prominent. It is always favored for its simplicity and originality.

Tay Tuu and Quang Ba flower villages of Hanoi grow a lot of Madonna lily flowers. Gardeners typically plant during the lunar months of September-November to ensure that the flowers bloom at the scheduled time.
According to a flower vendor, the price of Madonna lily this year is much cheaper than usual, only VND40,000 (around US$2) for a bunch of 10 branches.
The flower season comes and goes so fast that sometimes people may not even notice. Flower lovers also do not miss the opportunity to buy beautiful bouquets at affordable prices. 
They also wish to save the poetic moments of Hanoi in the Madonna lily season.