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Dec 31, 2023 / 14:59

The World in 2024

Nations in the world will find ways and means for them to get out of world political turbulences safely.

On the eve of the new year 2024, the world can in no way be pacified. Many things happened in 2023 but implied bad omens for the new year 2024. 

 The world in 2024 will still be generally unstable and insecure. Source: Adobe Stock

It is most probably sure that the world in 2024 will still be generally unstable and insecure, at least like it was in 2023, but likely more unstable and insecure. The main reasons remain both ongoing wars in Ukraine between Russia and Ukraine and in the Middle East between Hamas and Israel. World politics will be further twirling around these two wars. They will further dominate the main agenda of world politics and international relations. At the beginning of the year 2024, there aren't any signs indicating possibilities of ending them by peaceful political solutions. Russia and Ukraine in Ukraine and Hamas and Israel in the Middle East will continue to war against each other with determination and hope to become the winner of the deadly game at any price. The rest of the world can in no way escape from being profoundly and negatively affected by these two wars. That will also be why the relationships between the West and Russia, as well as between the West and China, especially between the US and China are expected to be still tense and confrontative, likely more deteriorating than improving in 2024. This world-political atmosphere won't be favorable for world economics and trade to get a remarkable push in dynamic and sustainable growth in the year 2024.

The world in 2024 will still be lacking countries or international and multilateral institutions capable of leading the world to sustainable security and stability in all aspects. The wars in Ukraine and the Middle East won't come to an end in 2024 because all involved parties are firmly intending and determined to win and not accept any international diplomatic mediations. Otherwise, there are now no potential peace brokers for both wars in sight.

The year 2014 will become a much more challenging year for multilateralism and the still-present rules-based world order. Multilateral unity and consensus on many issues of world politics, world economics and trade, social problems, and climate changes, which are vital for the world to survive and prosper, are getting harder and harder to achieve.

But there are still reasons to hope and expect many new positive and encouraging developments for the world in 2024. Nations in the world will find ways and means for them to get out of world political turbulences safely. Nations in the world will rally together to shape the future of the world and their future in this world. The lesson from the year 2023 for them is surely that most nations in the world have to determine the presence and future of the world and not a few consider themselves as global players or try almost whatever it costs to present themselves as the only global players.

There is hope and optimism for the world in 2024, but cautious hope and optimism.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Ambassador Tran Duc Mau are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Hanoi Times.