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Oct 25, 2023 / 16:03

Unlocking potential in medical tourism: Maximizing human resources

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism is working on the national standards of "Tourism and Related Services - Health Spa - Service Requirements", which is likely published by the end of 2023.

With its potential and advantages in geographical conditions, geological resources, minerals and medicinal plants, Vietnam promises to be one of the "rising stars" in the development of this product line.

Experts, researchers and travel companies told Hanoimoi newspaper about tapping resources in the medical tourism industry.

Nguyen Van Luu, former senior specialist of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Mobilizing resources with a long-term utilization strategy

 Nguyen Van Luu, former senior specialist of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Resources for the development of medical tourism include human resources, financial resources, infrastructure, policies, and others.

However, all of these resources are exhaustible, and some are even declining and scarce. Without a long-term utilization strategy, the resources for medical tourism will be used up in a short period of time.

Therefore, resources should be tapped with the aim of "awakening" forgotten potential and unleashing the comprehensive power of resources to optimize and effectively utilize the medical tourism industry.

Therefore, when implementing plans, policies and projects on medical tourism, local authorities must understand the needs and desires of local residents and incorporate their views into tourism development activities, including the development of the industry.

Pham Hong Long, Head of the Faculty of Tourism Studies, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University: Emphasizing the development of human resources, infrastructure and technology

 Pham Hong Long, Head of the Faculty of Tourism Studies.

With the rapid development trend of medical tourism worldwide, Vietnam must learn from the experience of China, Japan, South Korea and others to work out fundamental and strategic solutions, such as developing high-quality tourism human resources to serve medical tourism.

Human resources in this field require skills and in-depth professional knowledge of health, human anatomy, and medical knowledge. It is necessary to organize training and improve the quality and quantity of human resources in medical tourism.

It is also necessary to invest in the development of a modern and high-quality physical infrastructure system for medical tourism in provinces and cities, and in the creation of medical tourism centers.

New and modern technologies in health care, functional recovery, processing of medicinal plants, cuisine, physical exercise and sports training practices, beauty technologies and skin care must be applied in medical tourism destinations.

Le Thu Huong, Senior Lecturer of Social Management at the National Academy of Public Administration: Positive experiences will help tourists recover their health

 Le Thu Huong, senior lecturer of Social Management at the National Academy of Public Administration.

Health tourism destinations need to provide quality sightseeing and health services, as well as healthy entertainment. Tourists can strengthen their immune systems through physical activities that help relieve stress and relieve the pressures of life.

By taking advantage of the local environment and resources, health tourism destinations can offer dynamic leisure activities that combine medical and health resources to create high-quality and effective health tourism products. This approach provides tourists with positive experiences and the opportunity to successfully restore their health.

Vu Van Tuyen, Director of Travelogy Vietnam: Strengthening promotional activities

 Vu Van Tuyen, Travelogy Vietnam's Director.

One of the effective solutions to attract customers to health care tourism is to promote it domestically and internationally through media channels, social networks, and travel websites.

In particular, it is necessary to apply 4.0 technology to boost health care tourism, such as developing smart applications for destination promotion, introducing health care tourism products, and providing travel guides on mobile devices.

It is important to develop synchronized promotional tools on official travel websites and social media platforms, highlighting medical tourism products along with the promotion of tourist attractions, medical tourism experiences, and policies to attract investment in medical tourism development in local areas.

It is essential to build a branding toolkit for medical tourism that includes all elements from logo design, product packaging, slogans, and promotional materials to increase awareness and recognition of this type of tourism among a wide range of consumers.