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Feb 23, 2022 / 21:38

Vietnam deploys electronic identification accounts for citizens from late February

People using electronic identification accounts will save a lot of time and costs.

Each Vietnamese will have an electronic identification account to perform public administrative procedures online starting Friday [February 25], according to the Ministry of Public Security (MPS).

 Major Hoang Van Dung provides information on electronic identification accounts. Photo: Than Hoang

Major Hoang Van Dung, deputy director of the National Population Data Center under the MPS’s Police Department for Administrative Management of Social Order (C06) said that public services will be carried out online, replacing identification cards in order to help citizens avoid traveling back and forth to settle administrative processes.

From February 25, the C06 will issue electronic identification accounts for citizens through the operation of granting and renewing identification cards nationwide, Dung added.

He explained that an electronic identification account is a collection of usernames, passwords or other forms of authentication created by the MSP system. This account is managed and authenticated on the national electronic identification application developed by the MSP.

“People using electronic identification accounts will save a lot of time and costs because they do not have to fill out many types of forms in paper, and administrative procedures will be streamlined if performed online,” Dung said.

He clarified that citizens can integrate their identification cards and other papers, including driver license, vehicle registration, health insurance, among others, in one national electronic identification application. Thus, people would spend less time and papers in settling an administrative process.

“Besides, citizens can use their electronic identification accounts to perform financial transactions such as paying electricity and water bills, social and health insurance premiums; transferring money, and so on,” Dung said.

He stressed that information in citizen's electronic identification account will be kept confidential, avoiding forgery and helping to ensure transactions safety.