31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Apr 14, 2020 / 16:38

“Vietnam We Thank You – Việt Nam Cố Lên”: Touching messages from expats

The messages have caught public attention and been widely shared over the last few days.

A number of expatriates in Vietnam have conveyed touching messages of thank-you to front-line workers and people in Vietnam for their sacrifice in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

 A large number of expats convey messages of thank-you to Vietnam for the fight against the pandemic

Inspired by people on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic who are “risking their lives every day to keep others safe”, Wayne Worrell wanted to express his thanks.

He spent time to make a video and called on his friends who are expatriates in Vietnam to join the campaign by saying how they felt by their actions, Wayne Worrell told Hanoitimes.

Earlier in mid-March, Wayne Worrell responded to a blood donation campaign in the context that Vietnam blood banks were low as people scared to give blood.

"Please do as we do, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE" is the message that the expats stressed.

The following photos were taken by the expats. Local media outlets like VnExpress, Laodong, and Vietnamtimes have reported the project. 

Wayne Worrell, British teacher living in Hanoi, launched the mini project. "Việt Nam Cố lên" means "Come on Vietnam!" or "Vietnam! Keep fighting!

 Alexander Marco Burkhardt from Germany, head of Aftersales APAC Piaggio, and Connor Sims, American teacher in Hanoi

Alexander Marco Burkhardt, who now lives in Ciputra, Hanoi, said that he’s glad and happy to be here in this great country of “wonderful people, great food.”

 Shane Patrick Culbertson (left), retired American writer and Luke Kenny (right), Irish teacher in Hanoi
 American nationals: Chelsea Kerbaugh, music teacher (left) and couple Dan Klein and Maggie Klein, who are education consultant and primary teacher
 Two English teachers in Hanoi: Alex Pike (left), an American, and Duarte Mendes (right) of Portuguese nationality
 A group of South African teachers in Hanoi: Julia Meyer, Courtney Jordaan, and Molly McMiles
 Skip Carver and Oscar Olson, American teachers working in the Mekong delta provinces of Bac Lieu and Ben Tre
South African Elyciah Klaartjies and British Ed Brown, teachers in Hanoi 

Mohit Sharma, an Indian, works for Hanoi Import and Export Company, and Rumanian teacher in Ho Chi Minh City Sorin Parlea

 CEO at L'Oasis in Hanoi, Daina Raiskuma of Latvian nationality, and Mohamed mostafa Shaaban, an Egyptian, restaurant owner in Hanoi

South Arican Gianluigi Squeege Nicolosi (left) co-founder of Earth Key English in Hanoi and Jason Bonne-Gray, a British teacher

 An American family living in Hanoi: Joe Phillips & Becca Phillips, academic director and music teacher, and Scotty Phillips

Odette O'Reilly, Irish teacher in Hanoi and Patrick Furman, retired American soldier living in Hanoi  

 Engish teachers in Hanoi: Vani Veikoso from Fiji and Euan Craig from the UK