31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
May 15, 2020 / 08:36

Vietnamese travelers to benefits from post-Covid-19 tourism incentives

Vietnamese people will prefer to travel freestyle or with families and friends using family vehicles.

As the first industry to plunge due to Covid19, tourism is expected to be the first industry to rebound in the pandemic aftermath. Vietnamese travel businesses have presented enticing tour packages to domestic destinations this traveling season. 

 Photo: VGP

With no end of the pandemic insight in the next three months and world tourism activities are being paralyzed, traveling inside the country is seen as a way-out to save airlines and travel businesses.  

And catering to the leisure need of Vietnamese travelers is the competition of around 2,700 tour operators serving inbound and outbound tourism. A series of offerings at reasonable price have been released to lure domestic tourists after the social distancing period ends and air transport has been normalized. 

According to VietSense Travel’s CEO Nguyen Van Tai, tour operators are able to offer products at discounted prices thanks to promotion programs launched by airlines and hotels who sacrifice profits to build customer base. 

However, tourism rebound is predicted to be tough as the summer vacation would be very short due to the long school and work break to curb Covid 19 pandemic. 

Diverse options are there for domestic tourists to travel at reasonable costs, according to local insiders. In the new normal context, local people will prefer to travel freestyle or with families and friends using family vehicles. 

The Vietnam Tourism Association plans to organize the launching ceremony of tourism stimulus program in all three regions across the country in mid-May. There will be two options of tour prices. The first one is 20 - 30% cheaper than regular tours but the service quality remains unchanged. The second is to keep the price but increase the premium service for guests.