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Jun 24, 2021 / 16:37

Voters hold high hope for Hanoi’s breakthroughs in upcoming development phase

Voters in Hanoi expect the city’s new administration to work on a range of issues, from training human resources to infrastructure and rural development.

As the 16th Hanoi People’s Council for the 2021-2026 term successfully held its first session to elect key positions in the municipal administration, local voters told The Hanoi Times of their strong belief in the city’s further transformation in the upcoming phase.

Former Principal of the Industrial Vocational College Hanoi Pham Duc Vinh: Promoting high-quality human resources


As a voter in Hanoi, I feel happy when deputies in the 16th Hanoi People’s Council have elected key positions for the municipal People’s Council and People’s Committee. Hanoi is the political-administrative hub of the country and contributes significantly to Vietnam’s socio-economic development by expanding its large network of industrial parks for enterprises to come.

In the coming time, along with the ongoing efforts of global economic integration and cooperation, I think the priority for Hanoi should be a better focus on training high-quality human resources to meet the demand of enterprises and industrial parks.

To realize this goal, Hanoi should invest in educational infrastructure, equipment, technologies, and qualified teachers. More favorable policies for teachers would help them better concentrate on training a high-quality workforce for the economy.

Meanwhile, vocational schools and colleges in Hanoi should strengthen their linkage with enterprises to understand the market demand for laborers and equip students with the right skill sets for their future careers. 

We look forward to the Hanoi People’s Council paying more attention to building schools and universities at the regional and international levels to continue providing high-quality human resources for the city and the whole country.

Transport expert Vu Hoang Chung: Hanoi urban undergoing a strong development phase


Over the past years, Hanoi has been actively working on improving transport infrastructure and inter-provincial linkage to reduce traffic congestion. However, to make the transport system a driver for socio-economic development, Hanoi needs to see the expansion of the transport infrastructure network as an urgent task to create a better connection with networks of expressways and urban railways.

Hanoians are looking forward to breakthrough solutions from the local authorities to further attracting investment capital into transport infrastructure upgrades, including mechanisms to speed up the site clearance process.

Secretary of the Lang Ha ward Youth Union Nguyen Duc Anh: Creating jobs for the youth


As a young person in Hanoi, I expect the city’s leaders to get closer to the public and listen to suggestions from the people, especially from the youth.

The city should look for more substantial solutions to create jobs for young people. On the other hand, local authorities are expected to further adopt science and technologies in their governance process.

Given the rapid urbanization in Hanoi, there should be policies to improve the living quality and address environmental issues. I have high hope for Hanoi to soon overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ly Van Phu – a local resident in Yen Son Village, Ba Vi District: Paying attention to living conditions and preservation of the culture of ethnic minority groups  


I am delighted at the success of the elections for deputies of the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 period. After the first session of the municipal People’s Council, I hope the city would continue focusing on ethnic minorities' work.

In this regard, deputies of the Hanoi People’s Council would make recommendations to perfect policies supporting the development of ethnic minority groups in general, and of the Ba Vi District in particular.

Among measures to boost economic development, I expect that more projects to preserve and promote cultural values of the ethnic minorities would be mapped out, including languages, writings, and traditional activities.

Nguyen Chi Thanh from Xam Dong Village, Van Tao Ward: Giving priority to the agricultural sector, farmers, and rural areas


We, the voters at the Van Tao Ward in particular, and in Hanoi’s suburban areas in general, hope the city’s authorities would care more about issues related to the agricultural sector, farmers, and rural areas.

Hanoi should better identify the role of the agricultural sector in its economic structure while having a mechanism to promote rapid and sustainable development of the sector in line with the new-style rural areas.

More efforts are needed to transform the rural areas into places with higher living conditions, as well as policies for farmers to access loans from banks.

Environmental protection and public health are key tasks for the city in its efforts towards sustainable agricultural and economic development.