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October Revolution: Historic motivation for Vietnam - Russia relation

Updated at Tuesday, 07 Nov 2017, 09:46
The Hanoitimes - On occasion of 100th anniversary of Russian October Revolution, Hanoitimes reporter discussed with Minister-counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Vietnam- Vadim V. Bublikov about this historic event.
Minister-counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Vietnam, Mr Vadim V. Bublikov
Minister-counsellor of the Russian Embassy in Vietnam, Mr Vadim V. Bublikov

A century has passed since the great revolution - Russian October Revolution. Can you share the meaning of this event to the Russian Federation as well as Vietnam in the past and present?
The Russian October Revolution is obviously the most important event in Russia as well as the whole world. This Revolution has been largely determined by the historical development of the 20th century. This topic is currently being actively discussed both in Russia and abroad. Undoubtedly, this is indeed one of the most important milestones in contemporary history.
100 years ago, Russia was in a state of extreme complexity after the First World War with devastation and collapse of the economy and famine. There was a problem on the existence of the Russian. Thanks to the October Revolution, that crisis has been overcome. In short terms of historical standards, our country has achieved impressive achievements in economics, politics, culture and many other areas of social life. From a backward agricultural country, Russia has quickly turned into a powerful industrial country.
At the same time, the people living standards have increased substantially, civil rights and freedom of the residents have also been expanded. Furthermore, in Russia, there is free education and health care. Russian women have been treated equally to men, which in some countries they have not enjoyed for a long time. Maternal and child protection is also guaranteed. Many serious diseases were treated well.
Of course, all of these achievements were thanks to the policy implemented by the Soviet Union leadership. The clearest example of our country's achievements is the launch of the first artificial satellite and the flight of Russian astronaut Yuriy Gagarin - starting the century of conquering universe. It is impossible to forget the historical victory of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War - thanks to the modern technology and the well-educated Russian generation.
Regarding the impact on the world history, the October Revolution had actively supported many countries in the arduous struggle for national liberation. Vietnam is not an exception. President Ho Chi Minh repeatedly said that only through the October Revolution had the opportunity for independence and freedom for Vietnam. And indeed, in the following period, the Soviet Union had provided great support to Vietnam during the war and peace time.
This topic can be discussed a lot. It is not accidental that scientists in Russia and abroad has been discussing about this topic extensively.
What does the Russian youth think about this historic event? What are Russian Embassy in Vietnam’s plans for the anniversary of Russian October Revolution this year in Vietnam?
 You have stated correctly, this is a historical event that witnesses are no longer. At the same time our people, especially the youth, consider this event as one of the most important milestones in our history.
The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution will inspire and encourage the people concern, including young people. This is the great significance of this revolution and its influence on our present. At the end of last year under the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin, we has established a commission directly under the Russian Federation History Association to organize some activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Russian October Revolution.
 There will be a number of scientific conferences and other activities on the anniversary of October Revolution. The Russian Embassy will also be actively involved in celebrating this event in Vietnam. On November 22-24, at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Hanoi, there will be a special exhibition on thematic materials from the Russian Federation. There will be a number of conferences with the presence of Russian representatives - they will come to Vietnam for this purpose only. Many of my colleagues and I will participate in activities on this occasion.
How has the relationship between Vietnam and the Russian Federation changed during your term?
I have been working in Vietnam for more than 20 years and witnessed the development of former Soviet Union-Vietnam relations and then Russia-Vietnam. In1980s, I came to Vietnam for the first time as a trainee, it was a difficult time for Vietnam. However, Vietnam has now become a mighty country, and human welfare has increased substantially. I can proudly say that Vietnam has achieved tremendous achievements in such short history which makes many of my other colleagues and I admire.
Talking about relations between our two countries in the two decades after the breakup of the Soviet Union, there has been much improvements in many areas. Firstly, it is the political affairs. Visits of delegations at all levels is maintained regularly. The leaders of our two countries meet regularly. On June and July this year, the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Dai Quang visited Russia. It is expected that there will be meetings at the highest level "in addition to" of the APEC Summit in the next few days. Economic and trade cooperation is also developing positively. A clear example is the Free Trade Agreement between the Eurasian Economic Union and Vietnam. October 5, 2017 remarks a year since the validity of this Agreement, we have recognized growth in mutual trade, the emergence of new opportunities for cooperation in other fields, especially, the cooperation with Vietnam in the field of oil and gas. Our companies are actively operating in Vietnam. That is the joint venture "Vietsovpetro", Gazprom and Rosneft. In addition, there is close coordination in the fields of science, technology and humanities.
On the whole, this is a broad topic. It should be pointed out that we have great potential to develop relationships and both parties should take advantage of this effectively. We are ready for this activity.
Thank you so much!
Tu Anh
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