Apr 08, 2020 / 01:08

Half of coronavirus cases in Vietnam recover

To be considered healthy, Covid-19 patients need to test negative for the virus three consecutive times and go through quarantine for two weeks.

As of April 7 evening, Vietnam has confirmed 249 people infected with SARS-CoV-2 and nearly half of them have fully recovered and been discharged from hospital, according to the Ministry of Health.

 Medical workers in the font lines of the fight against coronavirus. Photo: Tuoi Tre

As many as 122 Covid-19 patients have been cured and released from hospital at the time of writing, accounting for 49% of the total infected cases.

In addition, 32 other patients have tested negative for the virus once and two others twice.

Under medical rules, people are considered convalescents if their coronavirus tests turn negative three consecutive times. After that, they need to go through two-week quarantine since the virus can remain dormant for days after Covid-19 symptoms disappear.

Out of coronavirus-infected people, 156 came from abroad, accounting for 62.6%, and 93 people are of secondary transmission. Further, 18.8% are foreigners.

Vietnam offers free-of-charge treatment for local patients but foreign patients need to pay bills, except for tests and fees during the quarantine.

Hanoi continues taking the lead in terms of infections count with 114 (including 49 convalescents) while Ho Chi Minh City ranks second with 54 (including 31 convalescents).