Dec 31, 2015 / 14:52

Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung: Together building a more prosperous Capital

The Hanoitimes - On the occasion of New Year 2016, Nguyen Duc Chung - Chairman of Hanoi People`s Committee had a talk with reporters about the goals and solutions that Hanoi determined to implement in the coming year.

The Chairman said that in 2015, Hanoi has made many important achievements, notably the highest economic growth in the past 4 years, the premise is good, inspiring a new year of 2016. Hanoi has always confirmed its role as the Capital - the heart, the center of politics, economy, culture and society, science and technology, administration of the country. The remarkable achievements that Hanoi has gained in 2015 creates a good premise for the capital to make new progress in 2016.
Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung
Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung

Chung emphasized that 2015, with the efforts of the whole political system, the economy of the Capital is 9.24% growth, we can say that this is a very encouraging result. This is also a good premise to implement the plan for the City in 2016 and has more favorable momentum. However, the City has also summarized objective recognition of the limitations and weaknesses, which emphasized the export sector, despite a slow recovery but transformation. Besides, production and business situation of enterprises have difficulties, some enterprises have ceased operations increasing over the previous year; progress of some key projects does not meet requirements; the construction of some projects does not guarantee safety; detecting and handling violations of construction in some localities timely and decisively.

Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung talked about Hanoi’s targets and missions in 2016 in an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency on the eve of the new year. He said a four-year high economic growth of 9.24 percent in 2015 will create a momentum for the city’s development, adding that the city has also identified outstanding weaknesses and shortcomings with a view to promptly addressing them.

According to the official, urban order and civility will continue to be the key task for the city in 2016, following up on the two years 2014 and 2015, which covers various fields from transport, construction, and street management to working style adjustment, planning, environmental resources, and administrative reform.

The recent municipal Party Congress has outlined three breakthroughs to be made in the new tenure, focusing on administrative reform and investment climate improvement, he said. The city administration is set to hold more dialogues and exchanges with local businesses while increasing budget for trade and investment promotion in major global markets and supporting loan interest rate in order to assist the development of businesses.

The connectivity between banks and enterprises will be maintained and promoted to ensure stable capital access for business production, the Chairman said. He reiterated that the municipal authorities will create the best possible conditions for all businesses which are operating or plan to invest in the city.

It was reported at a recent meeting that Hanoi’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) rose 9.3 percent in 2015, the highest level over the past four years. The city's index industrial production increased by 8.05 percent over the same period last year. Commodity prices are kept under control. The total retail revenue of goods and services increased 11.7 percent. Export turnover was calculated to rise 2.5 percent to 11.4 billion USD, and the consumer price index was estimated to climb 1 percent. The capital has so far welcomed nearly 2.24 million international tourists, a year-on-year rise of 9.6 percent. The city strives to record a gross regional domestic product (GRDP) growth of between 8.5 percent and 9 percent, and a GRDP per capita ranging from 85 million and 87 million VND (3,772-3,861 USD) in 2016.

Nguyen Duc Chung emphasized that Hanoi is the Capital of the country, so it should always strive and be exemplary in leading the movement. With a huge amount of work, together with the development of urban vertigo, it will have more problems arise, the City wishes the authorities to soon embark on the implementation of the targets, plans and strictness in enforcing the rights.

Besides, the decisive factor for success is the people, so that every citizen needs to raise awareness, responsibility, teamwork and together build authorities for a civilized-human Capital: elegant; modern, friendly, worthy of the title "City for Peace" - beloved Capital of the country.

On the threshold of the new year 2016, on behalf of Hanoi's leaders, the Chairman wishes all the People of the Capital a New Year filled of health, happiness and success.