Dec 30, 2019 / 15:31

Considering necessary military relations – new formulation in Vietnam Defense White Paper

The Hanoitimes - Vietnam's White Paper is believed one of the most important official documents on defense and military strategy.

Developing necessary, appropriate defense and military relations with other countries is Vietnam’s new formulation noted in the 2019 White Defense Paper released late November.

It is an additional element in the White Paper which elaborates on the overall principles and guidelines for protecting the Vietnamese homeland for the next 10 years, representing the flexibility and resilience long embedded in Vietnam’s foreign policy, a Vietnamese research fellow said in an article posted on Washington-based Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)’s Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative.

This element is among the “four-no's and one-depend” policy which has been updated from the “three-nos” stated in the previous White Paper.

 Vietnam has reinforced its military strength over the past years. Photo:

The policy means no military alliances, no siding with one country against another, no foreign military bases, and no using force or threatening to use force in international relations;