Dec 28, 2020 / 21:19

Hanoi proposes stopping commercial housing projects

The Hanoitimes - In 2020, the city has fulfilled the commercial housing target with 89 projects supplying 6.57 million sq.m.

The Hanoi’s Department of Construction has requested the city government to stop the research and issuance of regulations on developing commercial housing projects.

 Hanoi fulfills commercial housing targest for 2020. Photo: Pham Hung/Kinhtedothi

The department’s Director Vo Nguyen Phong has affirmed that no new projects of this kind, excepting those approved by the city would be built in the upcoming time.

Projects that are under construction would be bought by the city’s government for the resettlement purposes, the Kinh te & Do thi newspaper cited Mr. Phong.

Statistics by the department showed that the city in 2020 has finished five social housing projects, supplying 550,281 square meter (sq.m); 89 commercial housing projects providing 6.57 million sq.m, and five resettlement projects with 154,270 sq.m.

With such achievement, Hanoi has fulfilled the housing development plan set for the 2011-20 period. The city is preparing for the 2021-25 plans.

In the upcoming time, the department will focus on several tasks, such as completing the pilot project on repairing downgraded apartment blocks and relocating residents out of dangerous blocks; developing affordable housing segment; selecting investors for new projects; checking land resources for social housing projects; and speeding up commercial and resettlement housing projects scheduled for completion in 2021.