Monday, 23 Sep 2019
Sunday, 22 Sep 2019, 15:27
The village has developed a project of painting 20 graffitis depicting the village life, local people, veggies, among others, which are attached to the region's cultural and historical timeline.
Sunday, 22 Sep 2019, 17:19
In Hanoi, a few days ago, the level of air pollution measured at more than 20 locations was always at bad level.
Friday, 20 Sep 2019, 19:07
The Dragon Dance Festival is expected to be held at a large scale with registrations from 15 districts so far.
Friday, 20 Sep 2019, 11:36
Hanoi always pays attention to effective cooperation with the French region in various fields, particularly in urban planning and management, public transport, waste and sewage treatment, among others.
Thursday, 19 Sep 2019, 12:05
Hanoi’s authority will facilitate businesses to invest in processing, associating, buying goods from farmers and building hi-tech agricultural models.
Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019, 18:19
Army and civilian personnel have been deployed to decontaminate the areas surrounding Hanoi's burned-down bulb factory since September 12.
Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019, 17:28
This is the only way of going forward to improve productivity, as well as the quality and efficiency in state governance, said Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung.
Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019, 21:47
The two districts will focus on the criteria of production and environment to ensure sustainability in building new-style rural areas.
Monday, 16 Sep 2019, 15:49
Hanoi wishes to further promote friendly cooperation with localities of Spain and Switzerland for the city’s socio-economic development.
Monday, 16 Sep 2019, 14:20
In 2009, the Vietnamese government approved the plan to move universities and colleges out of Hanoi’s downtown by 2025, with a vision to 2050.
Sunday, 15 Sep 2019, 08:20
The hospitals under Hanoi city’s management are told to immediately apply latest medical advancements.
Friday, 13 Sep 2019, 16:32
As of 2015, six heritages in Dong Da district have been restored and repaired with total expenditure of about VND130 billion (US$5.6 million).
Friday, 13 Sep 2019, 02:04
Air quality parameters are safe and the chemical values in the air have been reduced from August 30 onwards.
Thursday, 12 Sep 2019, 16:02
The fire at Hanoi's bulb factory has raised an alarm about the factories operating in the capital's center and densely-populated areas.
Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019, 21:02
The move aims to ensure that the final safety procedures are completed smoothly and the project can be put into operation soon after years of delay.
Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019, 20:57
The move follows the plan to clean the area where a blaze burned down Hanoi's mercury-stored bulb factory and released between 15.2 and 27.2 kilograms of mercury into the environment.
Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019, 20:11
Hanoi currently ranks top nationwide in processing business registration online as 100% of applications are submitted online.
Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019, 12:19
The whole fire-affected area must be cleaned and Rang Dong JSC must be moved out of Hanoi’s inner area.
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