May 24, 2020 / 19:09

Information technology will open a new era for Hanoi’s buses

The Hanoitimes - With the support of information technology and appropriate incentives, Hanoi’s buses will surely make a breakthrough in the coming years.

The application of information technology (IT) will help Hanoi’s residents get access to public transport in a more convenient way, improve the bus service and open a new era for this service in the capital city, reported.

 Information technology will open a new era for Hanoi’s buses. Photo:

“If IT can be applied comprehensively to management and operation, Hanoi’s buses will be in a more advantageous position to beat private vehicles as commuters’ favorite mobility choice, even outstripping ride hailing services,” expert in urban management Phan Truong Thanh said.

So far, Hanoi Transportation Corporation (Transerco) has been the pioneer in applying IT to bus operations. With the Timbuyt (which means find bus) application, passengers can search for information on all bus routes operated by Transerco.

Besides, passengers can track the bus’ itinerary in real time to go to the bus stop at the right time, without waiting under the rain or dusty and sunny weather.

In addition, Hanoi's public transport sector has rolled out electronic payment for bus tickets, making the tickets available for passengers in the most convenient way.

Many experts believe that Hanoi needs to accelerate the introduction of electronic bus travel pass and electronic payment. An easy and convenient bus service would certainly lure more passengers, they said.

On the road, more privileges would be granted for buses such as private lanes and smart signaling.

With Hanoi authority’s continuous efforts to improve service quality to attract local residents, it is expected that passengers would enjoy a smart and friendly bus system, then they will choose public transport instead of private vehicles.

"There remain many difficulties, however, with the support of IT and appropriate incentive policies, Hanoi’s buses will surely make a breakthrough in the coming years," said Nguyen Cong Nhat, Transerco’s deputy general director.