Apr 06, 2020 / 21:48

Kinh te & Do thi newspaper calls for support for health workers in Covid-19 fight

Kinh te & Do thi Newspaper calls on benefactors to support doctors and health workers to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Kinh te & Do thi (Economic and Urban) newspaper, the organ of the Hanoi People's Committee, has launched a charity program named "Working together to prevent and control Covid-19" to support those in the front lines against the pandemic.

 Kinh te & Do thi joins hands to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

The program calls on benefactors, individuals and groups to donate cash, nutritional products, medical equipment, masks, hand sanitizer or antiseptic solution to doctors, health workers, armed forces, journalists and volunteers who are at the front lines of the battle against Covid-19.

The Economic and Urban newspaper will update the list of benefactors on the website http.kinhtedothi.vn, http.hanoitimes.vn, http.tieudung.vn, http://giaothonghanoi.kinhtedothi.vn.

Please send contributions to:
Economic and Urban newspaper,

Address: No.21 Huynh Thuc Khang, Dong Da district, Hanoi
Account number: 14022518051012, at Techcombank, Thang Long branch - Lang Ha transaction office, Hanoi city. (Please specify: Sponsoring charity program "Working together to prevent and control Covid-19").

Please contact:
- Doan Thi Hai Ly, head of Cultural and Social Department - Tel: 0989097119
- Cao Thi Nhung, deputy director of Communications Center - Tel: 0966204859
Or other reporters.

Your contributions will encourage those who are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.