Mar 16, 2020 / 02:10

Legal foundation for Putin to seek another presidential terms

The Hanoitimes - Until now, Putin has neither disclosed his intention to run again for presidency nor exclude this possibility.

In Russia, the way has almost been paved for Vladimir Putin to legally run for Russia’s top office again, in Russia's next presidential election. Putin's proposals for constitutional amendments were already approved by the State Duma and will very soon get the necessary ratification of the Federal Council. It is widely expected that these changes to the Magna Carta will surely pass the last hurdles in the referendum to be held on April 22.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin

Until now, Putin has neither disclosed his intention to run again for presidency nor exclude this possibility. But required legal foundations are now laid in Russia for him to seek, for the third time, another two presidential terms if he wishes. He still has more than enough time to make his final decision. The recently amended constitution allows a Russia’s Head of State to hold the top office for two consecutive terms. However, it resets Putin’s term count to zero, allowing him to run for another two terms.

He can now serve his current term until 2024 and then run again or hold the next presidential election in Russia before 2024. Both will give him the possibility to continue to rule Russia, and he will not have to step down and rule from the shadows as Russia’s Prime Minister like in 2008.

But possibility doesn't necessarily mean certainty. There are many scenarios envisaged for the time after Putin's ongoing term in office. The only thing which seems now certain in Russia is that no political figure could be an alternative to Vladimir Putin. Putin’s approval ratings have been waning in Russia but still high enough for him to govern Russia at will. He has Russia by the short hairs.

Constitutional amendments are always of profound significance on all aspects for all countries. There was currently no urgent need for Russia to change the Constitution. His proposals for constitutional amendments go beyond new regulations on the president’s term limit. Putin's main aim is to lay legal foundation for his role after finishing his current presidential term. It is not his vision for Russia's future but for the state power construction in Russia in the future, both with him and without him.