Monday, 23 Sep 2019
Thursday, 18 Apr 2019, 05:45
Giang is the most famous decade-old café with egg coffee which has been so familiar to the locals and visitors for years.
Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019, 06:18
When the sun is not rising, this charming place is covered with a thin layer of mist, creating a strange mystical scene.
Monday, 21 Jan 2019, 10:05
The village of Khuc Thuy has a history of nearly 1,000 years, the passage of time is present in the roof of the temple, the alleys, the walls and the stump.
Monday, 21 Jan 2019, 08:19
Despite the different meanings, the hallmarks of the "Millennium House" are the large, colorful gardens, with lots of trees, animals, amusement parks.
Sunday, 13 Jan 2019, 21:56
Believe me, discovering 36 streets by cyclo will be an unforgettable memory in your trip in Hanoi.
Sunday, 13 Jan 2019, 11:10
Tram mountain is of moderate height, suitable for hiking and camping.
Saturday, 12 Jan 2019, 10:16
Visiting the ancient village of Bao Dap, any visitor would be fascinated by the host of relics, temples and pagodas of the village.
Thursday, 10 Jan 2019, 09:24
The Huong Tich Cave has become the largest shrine of the Perfume Pagoda. The pagoda has many precious statues, especially the statue of Buddha Guan Yin made from green stone.
Wednesday, 09 Jan 2019, 05:59
Và Temple Festival is the largest festival of the high land to the west of Hanoi and is held twice a year.
Tuesday, 08 Jan 2019, 06:57
And few people know that, in the record 10 Buddhist structures of Vietnam published by the Center Book of Vietnam in 2006, Mia Pagoda is home to many art statues in Vietnam with 287 large statues.
Monday, 07 Jan 2019, 05:50
Mong Phu temple was classified by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national historical-cultural vestige in 1984.
Saturday, 05 Jan 2019, 08:42
The temple is not only sacred but also one of the beautiful sights of Ba Vi district of Hanoi.
Friday, 04 Jan 2019, 14:30
Trung Temple is a large-scale, monumental temple that forms part of vestiges related to the tomb of Son Vien, the most beautiful temple in Tan Vien Temple on the western slope of Ba Vi mountain.
Friday, 04 Jan 2019, 06:45
The festivals worshipping The Saint of Tan Vien Son at many temples in Doai (West region) are held simultaneously on January 15th of the Lunar Calendar. According to legend, this is the anniversary of the birth of the Genie.
Thursday, 03 Jan 2019, 08:56
When the sun comes down, a majestic view appears with the combination of the mountain and the dawn mist like a fairy place.
Wednesday, 02 Jan 2019, 07:55
The biggest celebrations of the temple take place on March 6th, September 4th and December 24th of the Lunar Calendar.
Tuesday, 01 Jan 2019, 10:31
The statue of Quan Am with hundred arms and hundred eyes is located in the most gracious position from Tran dynasty.
Monday, 31 Dec 2018, 10:22
The festival in this area was held on three days, from the 9th to the 11th day of the Lunar Calendar, Ha Thai village is also very famous for its lacquer industry which has lasted almost 200 years.
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