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Electricity consumption soars as northern Vietnam confronts scorching heat

Updated at Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018, 18:51
The Hanoitimes - A severe heat wave has attacked the northern and central regions of Vietnam over the past days and would likely to continue until July 5.
Prolonged hot weather is attributed to a new peak of summer power consumption in northern cities and provinces of Vietnam, according to the National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC).
Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
A power consumption record of nearly 345 million kWh was seen on July 2, NLDC reported. The figure is 6 million kWh higher than the peak level recorded last month and 12% above the highest level last year.
In Hanoi, the average temperature level has remained over 37 degrees Celsius since last week, which contributes to a new record of electricity consumption of the city at over 79.3 million kWh,
as of July 2, up 17% month-on-month.
Electricity officials warned that consumers cranked up their air-conditioners to escape sweltering prolong heat wave can threatens safety and stability of the electricity operation system, and lead to grid overload.
Since the high heat is predicted to last long, it’s advised that organizations, agencies and local people should use electricity economically, effectively and safely.
Air-conditioners should be set at 26 degrees Celsius to save power, reducing the risk of power overload and surging electricity bills.
Cam Anh
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