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Vietnam climbs one notch in UN e-government development index

Updated at Friday, 03 Aug 2018, 17:00
The Hanoitimes - The country came 88th among the 193 countries in the United Nations e-government development index this year, one level higher than the ranking in 2017.
The United Nations (UN) scored Vietnam “High” in the Online Services Index (OSI) and E-Participation Index (EPI) (up from 0.5 points to 0.75 points), making the country move up one place to rank 88th among the 193 countries in the e-goverment development index.
The continuous expansion and high quality of public services lead to more effective e-government in the Vietnam, according to a report recently released by the UN.
In ASEAN, Vietnam ranks sixth after Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Brunei.  The country targets to be among the top four countries in ASEAN in the e-government development index by 2020.
Vietnam came 99th in the 193 member states in the UN e-government development index in 2014. In 2016, the country climbed to the 89th position. The e-government development index (EGDI) 2018 was divided into four subgroups (Very-High, High, Middle, and Low). 
The UN report also highlights the global trend on developing e-government of higher level, studying the effects of technologies and digital advancement on public sector and human life.
Denmark, Australia and South Korea are currently leading countries in e-government development. 
The EGDI is a weighted average of normalized scores on the three most important aspects of e-government namely the Online Service Index (OSI), the Telecommunication Infrastructure Index (TII), and the Human Capital Index (HCI). Among those, the OSI plays main role in improving the EGDI.
Cam Anh
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