Sep 27, 2017 / 16:31

Paving the way for making good movies about Hanoi

The Hanoitimes - In a roundtable discussion to find solutions on making good movies about Hanoi hosted by the Hanoi Film Association, many directors and artists agreed that the making good movies about Hanoi is an effective and practical way to respond to Hanoi Party Committee’s Program 04.

It is no coincidence that the Hanoi Film Association launched a film-making campaign entitled "In response to Hanoi Party Committee’s Program 04, striving to have more films about Hanoi – and about the elegant and civilized Hanoians". This is the target that any Hanoi filmmaker need to reach but so far has remained attainable. Artist Nguyen Trung Hau said that scripts are the key for city's film industry to regain its position .
A scene in the film "Nguoi Ha Noi".
A scene in the film "Nguoi Ha Noi".
Pict. A scene in the film "Nguoi Ha Noi".
As revealed by movie analysts, there are plenty of characteristics of Hanoian worth being portrayed on movies including intelligence, diligence and creativity. The used-to-be typical Hanoian was the one who conducted an elegant lifestyle with refined eating and dressing preferences. However, "Please invest your efforts, intelligence and time in portraying Hanoians so as to contribute to the identity development in the new time imbued withwith peacefulness and heroism. "- said Nguyen Trung Hau. It means that depicting the tradition of Hanoi with tolerance and build up the characters of Hanoians today.
Given experiences from the films "Cach song" (Lifestyle), "Hang xom" (Neighbor), "Truyen o Cong ty Thu vao" (Story of Thu vao Company), "Ao anh tinh yeu" (Love Illusion), depicting Hanoians in the new period, scriptwriter Luu Nghi Quynh said that describing lifestyle from the land is also a way to build up the character of the modern Hanoian. Lessons will be drawn from the shortcomings and strength will help to conduct a modern lifestyle without losing the identity. This is one of the suggestions that filmmakers made during the talk to find a way to have good-quality scripts and films about Hanoi.
The campaign has been launched, and members of the Hanoi Film Association will begin to formulate themes and scripts to be submitted to the Association before July 30. Afterwards, the good-quality works will be short-listed to the writing camp by the end of 2017, put into production and be awarded the Literature Art Prize of the City.