Jan 06, 2021 / 11:58

Severe penalties will be given to terrorists: MPS

The Hanoitimes - Canada-based “Viet Dynasty”, whose motto is to “burn all”, “kill all”, “destroy all”, “snatch all”, has funded and directed some individuals inside the country to conduct terrorist and sabotage activities.

People who participate in disseminating on the so-called organization Trieu Dai Viet (Viet Dynasty), instigating others to join it or accepting funding from this Canada-based terrorist organization will be strictly sanctioned by law.

 The trial of Nguyen Khanh, his son Nguyen Tan Thanh and 18 others for “carrying out terrorist activities aimed at overthrowing the people’s administration” was conducted in Ho Chi Minh City in September. Both defendants admitted to having a close relationship with the so-called "Viet Dynasty" organization. Photo VNA

The penalties are pursuant to Vietnamese and international laws, said the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) in a notice released on December 5.

The notice stated that taking part in training courses organized by “Viet Dynasty” or operating under its direction, are seen as committing an act of “terror” and “terrorism financing”. The offenders will be punished by law.

The terrorist organization “Vietnam Dynasty” was established in January 2018 by former key members of the US-based terrorist organization “Provisional Government of Vietnam”, a reactionary and terrorist organization that aims to overthrow the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. 

Headquartered in Canada, it managed some website and  media channels including “Vietnam Dynasty”, “Free Bibet”, “Hoang Ky”, “Giai doc chinh tri” (political detoxification), “Vietnam Today”, “Vietnam tu do” (Free Vietnam), “Radio tieng noi quoc dan” (Radio the National Voice), “Phung Nguyen”, “Scott Huynh”, “Jeffrey Thai”, and “Tin tuc hang ngay TV24” (Daily News TV24).

Ngo Van Hoang Hung,  69, the self-proclaimed commander-in-chief of “Viet Dynasty”,  was born in the southern province of Tien Giang, having Canadian nationality. Hung’s lieutenant, Tran Thanh Dinh, 64, and of German nationality, was born in the northern province of Nam Dinh.

Ngo Manh Cuong, 60, a French by nationality, was born in Ho Chi Minh City and proclaimed himself the General Director of the so-called Special Force.  Huynh Thanh Hoang, 45, an American citizen who proclaimed himself “Spokesperson for the Viet Dynasty”.

Canada-based “Viet Dynasty”, whose motto is to “burn all”, “kill all”, “destroy all”, “snatch all”, has funded and directed a number of individuals inside Vietnam to conduct terrorist and sabotage activities, including instigating people to hold public subversive demonstrations and illegally seize power.

The “Viet Dynasty” terrorist organization has financed tens of thousands of US dollars and hundreds of millions of dong to  individuals inside Vietnam to buy weapons, fabricate bombs and mines, make flags as well as print reactionary leaflets and slogans.