Sunday, 21 Jul 2019
Friday, 19 Jul 2019, 23:56
After two years of intensely combating, the illegal trading of "funky ball", "shisha" and "American weed" is no longer rampant and tends to decrease.
Friday, 19 Jul 2019, 14:28
With the support of UNDP and Viettel Post, ethnic women enable to explore opportunities to develop business.
Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019, 13:51
Every day, Hanoi discharges more than 6,400 tons of domestic waste. The figure keeps increasing each year, causing negative impacts on the environment and people's health.
Monday, 15 Jul 2019, 15:21
Son La, Ha Giang and Hoa Binh are among the 10 provinces with lowest average scores for mathematics, literature, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, history, geography, and civil education.
Monday, 15 Jul 2019, 13:58
Electronic health insurance card allows the patient to be verified with biometric information quickly and accurately, helping save patients from showing bunch of papers at hospitals.
Friday, 12 Jul 2019, 16:24
According to the Technical Department under the Vietnam National Wage Council, the expected increase of 5.5% not only meets the expectation but exceeds it by 0.3 %.
Thursday, 11 Jul 2019, 18:36
Hanoi will ensure safe and sustainable water supply to adapt to climate change, so that water supplied to urban and rural areas meets the Ministry of Health’s standards on drinkable water.
Wednesday, 10 Jul 2019, 15:06
Hanoi will continue promoting solutions to gradually improve its population quality, adapt to aging population and ensure reasonable population distribution, with a view to contributing to the capital’s sustainable development.
Wednesday, 10 Jul 2019, 15:02
The Vietnam embassy in South Korea called for measures to prevent the recurrence of such incident to other Vietnamese wives.
Wednesday, 10 Jul 2019, 09:43
Vietnam ranked first in the world for helping foreign workers save money, with 72 percent saying that moving to Vietnam helped them save more and another 72 percent stating that they have more disposable income in Vietnam than they did in their home country.
Wednesday, 10 Jul 2019, 07:11
Vietnam is the country with the highest level of patience in staring at mobile ads with 19 seconds compares to the average time of 8-9 seconds in other countries.
Tuesday, 09 Jul 2019, 23:57
Experts said that railway with a design speed of 350 km/h and a total investment of US$58.71 billion implies numerous risks, adversely affecting the allocation of funds for the development purposes.
Tuesday, 09 Jul 2019, 14:52
South Korean people condemned the husband’s assault and even submitted their online request to the South Korean Presidential Palace, asking to punish the suspects deservedly.
Tuesday, 09 Jul 2019, 09:44
The title helps Liem accumulated his immediate Elo to 2,726, overpassing Chinese grandmaster Wang Hao to rank 29th in the world.
Monday, 08 Jul 2019, 12:34
Few Vietnamese companies have participated in projects of VND4-5 trillion (US$172-US$215 million). This means there's little chance for domestic investors.
Sunday, 07 Jul 2019, 12:13
Social media platforms have outpaced other channels including schools, friends and traditional media to become the leading source for job finding.
Saturday, 06 Jul 2019, 22:06
Hanoi Urban Environment Company has mobilized personnel to collect garbage in the city's urban districts during the night of July 5 and free the downtown from piles of garbage.
Saturday, 06 Jul 2019, 16:36
Generally, Southeast Asia football is proving the nickname "bottom of the world football" to be wrong, by occupying higher positions in FIFA rankings.
Vivid Hanoi in celebration of 20th anniversary of "City for Peace" title
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