Jul 12, 2021 / 16:59

Vietnam deploys platform for Covid-19 vaccination registration

The platform is expected save people’s time and avoid mass gatherings at vaccination centers.

The Military-run Industry and Telecoms Group (Viettel) has recently announced that the Covid-19 immunization management platform, designated to serve the mass inoculation across Vietnam, is now ready for use.

The group has developed a digital health record system, allowing people to register for Covid-19 vaccinations, make health declarations, and receive information on time.

The Viettel-developed e-health record application is now available for download. It is part of Vietnam’s efforts to apply technology in managing and certifying Covid-19 vaccinations as the country has started a nationwide inoculation drive this month.

 The interface of the mobile application for Covid-19 immunization appointments. Photo: Minh Thi

The platform has four components, including an e-health record application, a portal for Covid-19 immunization information, a system supporting national vaccination, and a database for such purposes.

People can register to get the Covid-19 vaccine and track the vaccination record via the e-health record application and immunization information portal.

The platform is expected to save people’s time and avoid mass gatherings at vaccination centers. It will also provide people with facts and information about Covid-19 vaccines and inoculations.

This platform also helps the Vietnamese government to capture real-time information about the area, injection subjects, operation-logistics activities to give the most appropriate and quick decision.

The platform is expected to help speed up the nationwide vaccination campaign; increase its safety, effectiveness, and transparency; and support the management, supervision, and study of Covid-19 vaccination in Vietnam.

The nationwide Covid-19 inoculation drive will be implemented in all 63 cities and provinces with 19,500 vaccination centers. The Ministry of Health expects at least half of Vietnamese aged 18 and above will be vaccinated against the coronavirus by late 2021, and more than 70% of the population will receive the vaccine by the first quarter of 2022.

According to Viettel’s Chairman and General Director Major General Le Dang Dung, the group has actively developed technological solutions to assist Covid-19 prevention and control such as the Suc khoe Vietnam (Vietnam health) mobile app, the digital health declaration form, telehealth system, and among others.