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May 24, 2019 / 22:36

ABB's pioneering technologies help advance digitalization in Vietnam

ABB has helped its customers in Vietnam advance to a next level of automation, energy efficiency, and higher productivity

ABB, a worldwide leader in digital industries, is advancing the digitalization in Vietnam by offering its latest innovative technologies in factories, cities, and energy sector.
ABB contributes to Vietnam's transformation to digitalization. Illustrative photo
Digital data collected from devices enables customers to increase efficiency and productivity, helps improve quality and safety as well reduce their environmental footprint, ABB said at a tech day held in Hanoi earlier this month.
ABB’s digital technologies are driving rapid transformation across industries in Vietnam in the course that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the country’s industrial and energy landscape.  
“In the last 25 years, ABB contributed to the transformation of Vietnam’s industries, helping our customers work very efficient and reliable, helping them advance to a next level via automation, energy efficiency, and higher productivity,” ABB’s Country Managing Director in Vietnam Brian Hull told Hanoitimes
“With strong messages from the government of Vietnam in advancing technologies for Industry 4.0, ABB’s smart technologies help customers, like EVN, manage power sector effectively and solar farms in an economic way. In general, the smart technologies and solutions have helped our customers save energy and work at a high level. In factories, we are seeing many customers investing in robots, for example Vinfast which would use latest technologies at their manufacturing base and later this year in electric cars. We look forward to continuing to bring ABB’s innovative technologies to the country. All that is for high quality,” said Hull. 
Operating in Vietnam since 1993, ABB Group becomes a reliable partner providing turnkey solutions and services in the fields of food and beverage, automotive, water and wastewater sectors to ensure its customers’ operations with the highest possible efficiency.
Of the fields it has been working for more than two decades, smart cities and energy sector are the key business portfolios. 
ABB’s Country Managing Director in Vietnam Brian Hull. Photo: i40today
ABB’s Country Managing Director in Vietnam Brian Hull. Photo: i40today
Smart cities 
In the smart city of the future, ABB solutions are at the heart of a city’s critical infrastructure, with digital leadership in automation and efficient energy management of the buildings and factories.
ABB offers both equipment and solutions that increase the economic efficiency as it believes new materials and architectural concepts as well as regenerative energies create new possibilities. 
Future-oriented building systems technology is an intelligent control system for everything that enhances productivity and creativity, increases comfort while saving energy. 
Furthermore, the electrical installation is the nerve center of the building and contributes much more than merely the necessary power. Notably, the building remains up to date and profitable, ABB’s experts made key notes at the event. 
Many parts in Vietnam’s urban cities have applied smart building technologies in line with the central government’s plans which promote the use of smart technologies and solutions. ABB has somewhat met the demand. Indeed, its intelligent building systems technology utilizes the entire potential of flexibility, safety, comfort, and efficiency. 
Vietnam’s urbanization rate is expected to reach about 40% in 2019 the growth rate will continue to accommodate more dwellers. About 50% of Vietnam’s population will live in urban areas by the 2040s, statistics by Vietnam’s Urban Development Association showed. 
In that context, sustainable growth can only be achieved by adoption of digital technologies and advanced manufacturing applications, according to Brian. 
He added that customers nowadays increasingly demand higher quality products and citizens want better living environments. As a result, digitalization and Industry 4.0 will be growth drivers to strengthen Vietnam’s position in the region, he noted. 
Energy sector
Brian said that ABB, with leading market position in power transmission, is taking the lead in Vietnam’s energy and automation segments as the company has participated in some important projects, helping customers improve energy efficiency and minimize environmental impacts.  
ABB’s smarter power distribution and intelligent electrification makes distribution of electricity safer and more efficient, resulting in lower costs. 
ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System with embedded intelligence to gather data from the full electrical system, it has the decision-making ability to optimize performance by up to 30%. 
At the event, Ranfeng Situ, ABB’s Regional Application Sales Manager – Renewables, Asia, presented Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) and applications in renewable energy that would be helpful for Vietnam through a series of projects worldwide. 
As such, advanced manufacturing and automation increases the electrical demand in a building, at the same time as the need to simplify processes, reduce energy bills and operating costs.
High-voltage products: ABB has been producing instrument transformers for more than 70 years. Their main applications include revenue metering, control, indication and relay protection. 
Station service voltage transformers for low and medium voltage outputs (SSVT and SSMW): ABB’s family of oil-field SSVTs combine the characteristics of voltage transformers with the power rating capability of distribution transformers. This results in fully-insulated products, up to 362 kV, with power performance up to 333 kVA. 
Solar inverters is ABBB’s cloud connected three-phase string solution for cost efficient decentralized photovoltaic systems. This new platform is for extreme high power string inverters with power rating up to 120 kW.