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Apr 19, 2020 / 13:11

Ancient and unique crateva religiosa plant blooms in Hanoi’s village

The unique crateva religiosa plant in Hanoi bloomed brightly and became a feature of Dinh Thon village.

When April comes, the 300-year-old crateva religiosa tree is in full bloom in Dinh Thon village, My Dinh 1 ward, Hanoi. It is considered as a “treasure” of the village.

 The centuries-old crateva religiosa tree is in full bloom in Dinh Thon village.

The crateva religiosa’s blooming bright yellow flowers.

The crateva religiosa plant only blooms once a year at the end of March or early April and the flowers wither after one month.

The crateva religiosa plant is a member of the capers family, also known as the sacred garlic pear or temple plant, but is often called the spider tree because of its showy flowers bearing long, spidery stamens.
Crateva religiosa flowers in bloom create a beautiful scene, attracting a lot of people to come and take pictures.
In many places in Quang Nam, Ninh Thuan, Thua Thien – Hue province, crateva religiosa plants are very familiar, but Hanoi has only one crateva religiosa tree in Dinh Thon village.
It is native to Japan, Australia, much of Southeast Asia and several South Pacific islands and is often grown elsewhere for fruit, especially in parts of the African continent.
Photos: Duy Khanh (Kinh te & Do thi)