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Ashes of Kostas Nguyen Van Lap repatriated to Vietnam

The soldier of dual Greek and Vietnamese citizenship is the only foreigner bestowed the title "Hero of the People's Armed Forces" by the state of Vietnam.

The ashes of Kostas Sarantidis Nguyen Van Lap, who held dual Greek and Vietnamese citizenship, were repatriated to Vietnam today [August 2] from his hometown of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The repatriation was made following his will to return to the country which is home to his comrades’ resting place.

The memorial service for Kostas Nguyen Van Lap took place on Tuesday morning at Military Zone 5, Danang City, Vietnam before the burial ceremony was held at Military Zone 5 Cemetery.

Kostas Nguyen Van Lap was named “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces”, the only foreigner bestowed the title in Vietnam so far.

Born in 1927 in Thessaloniki, Sarantidis arrived in Indochina in February 1946 and soon fought on the side of the Vietnamese people until the defeat of the French in 1954. He was then discharged from the military with the rank of captain and lived in Vietnam until 1965 when he returned to Greece.

He tirelessly helped promote Greece-Vietnam relations, supported the Vietnamese community in Greece, and raised funds for thousands of victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin in Vietnam.

Kostas Sarantidis Nguyen Van Lap is fondly remembered by the Vietnamese.

 The ashes of Kostas Nguyen Van Lap is handed over to Vietnam on August 1. Photos: Quankhu5

The receiving ceremony takes place in Military Zone 5 in Danang City.  

Memorial service held in Military Zone 5 on August 2.

 The ashes covered by the Vietnamese flag. 

 Kostas Nguyen Van Lap's comrades pay tribute to their friend.  

 Officers of Military Zone 5 pay tribute to the hero. 

 Bid farewell to the hero. Photo: VNA
 A hearse convoy makes its way towards cemetery. Photo: VNA
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