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Feb 23, 2024 / 06:52

Bringing smart farming closer to Hanoi farmers

Joining the digital society, building smart agriculture and a digital marketplace are requirements for all farmers today.

Proactively applying scientific and technological advances to production and business activities, Hanoi farmers in the 4.0 era have changed their thinking and methods to adopt smart agriculture.

Dan Hoai Cooperative, located on the outskirts of Hanoi's Dan Phuong District, is one of the first enterprises to implement the high-tech orchid farming model in the city, which is considered a model of modern urban agriculture. 

High-tech model of orchid cultivation at the Dan Hoai cooperative in Dan Phuong District, Hanoi. Photo courtesy of Dan Hoai Cooperative

"After nearly 20 years, Dan Hoai Cooperative has cooperated with many leading scientific research institutions in the field of agriculture to apply high technology in the cultivation of Phalaenopsis orchids and successfully build the Flora Vietnam orchid brand," Bui Huong Bich, Director of Dan Hoai Cooperative, told The Hanoi Times.

The cooperative currently produces nearly 100 varieties of Phalaenopsis orchids, with annual sales reaching billions of Vietnam dong. The cooperative has created jobs for many local workers.

Also promoting the use of high technology in production, the Cuoi Quy High-tech Organic Production and Consumption Cooperative in Dan Phuong District has built 85 greenhouses and net houses, covering an area of about 20,000 square meters, creating premises to apply advanced irrigation system to save water, regulate temperature and light. 

Greenhouses and net houses are used in many agricultural production models in Dan Phuong District. Photo: Cuoi Quy High-tech Organic Production and Consumption Cooperative

"In addition, the cooperative has invested in a cold storage house and a post-harvest vegetable processing house. Currently, we provide fruits and vegetables to 16 kindergartens in Dan Phuong District and three chains of clean vegetable stores in Hanoi," Cuoi Quy Cooperative Director Dang Thi Cuoi told The Hanoi Times.

Hoang Van Kham, technical director of Chuc Son Clean Fruit and Vegetable Cooperative in Chuong My District, said that as one of the units participating in the egap.vn process from the beginning, the cooperative has controlled its irrigation and production through a smartphone system. In addition, the traceability stamp helps the cooperative's vegetable products to have transparent information in the market.

Kham told the Vietnamese Government Portal that the connection and consumption of the cooperative's products are synchronized with modern sales channels such as supermarket systems and e-commerce trading floors. "The cooperative's vegetable production is about 3 tons per day, which is supplied and distributed to many supermarket systems, hospitals, and schools in Hanoi," he added.

Nguyen Viet Dat, Head of the Dan Phuong District Economic Department, said the district is currently focusing on developing clean agriculture, organic farming, and high-tech applications.

Dat told The Hanoi Times that the district has set up eight collective brands for agricultural products, and 97 products have been evaluated for the One Product One Commune (OCOP) classification. Agricultural and OCOP products will be digitized and promoted on e-commerce platforms, bringing high income and creating jobs for thousands of workers.

"In the coming period, the district will continue to promote organic agricultural production and high-tech agriculture combined with experiential ecotourism. Businesses will be encouraged to invest and consume the district's agricultural products to create a value chain in production," Dat stressed. 

Safe vegetable growing area in Van Duc Commune, Hanoi’s Gia Lam District. Photo: VGP

Tran Van Tuat, Chairman of the Van Duc Commune Farmers Association in Gia Lam District, said the Chu Tam Clean Vegetable Cooperative in the commune uses high technology, especially irrigation with modern systems such as sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, production in greenhouses and net, the enterprise produces two to three quintals of clean vegetables every day.

"Many activities have been carried out by the Hanoi Farmers' Association to change farmers' mindsets and methods in applying high technology to production so that they can increase their incomes and ensure safe agricultural products for consumers," Tuat emphasized.

He noted that joining the digital society, building smart agriculture, and building a digital market are requirements for all farmers in today's world. "More cooperation and support from all levels, sectors, and localities are needed so that Vietnamese farmers can truly be 4.0 or smart farmers in line with the general trend of the world," Tuat said.