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Apr 08, 2023 / 12:02

Con Chim: Rare poetic hamlet in Mekong Delta

Visitors are certain to have an unforgettable experience that goes beyond a trip thanks to the warm hospitality of the locals and their distinctive tourism model.

Con Chim or Bird Islet is a renowned community-based tourist destination in Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam, with a model of adhering to nature, environmental protection, and cultural preservation while still drawing visitors in with its rustic, gentle, and bold features of the countryside. 

Con Chim is a lush haven in the serene Co Chien River, where the wind blows cool all year round and the air is exceptionally fresh. 

As soon as visitors step feet on Con Chim, they can hear birds chirping somewhere in mangrove trees and swallows singing in the open sky. 

Visitors appear to be lost in tranquility after passing through the hamlet's natural material-decorated gate. 

A poetry hamlet comes into view. The eye stretches with the shrimp squares or the vast green ricefields if you follow the narrow paths lined with flowers or through the shaded coconut groves. 

The trip will be more interesting if visitors engage in various activities like crab catching, grinding flour and making leaf cakes, and playing folk games. What’s more, a wet market offers visitors' access to local produce and jams. 

The most impressive thing is the Mekong Delta's traditional dishes are served here in a rustic style in which the farmers use only their own fresh and healthy produce. Each house serves its signature dishes in its own unique way.

 A gate to Con Chim, an islet located in Chau Thanh District, Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam. Photo: Minh Tho/Mekong Environment Forum (MEF)
 Plain sign boards in the islet. Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 The hamlet is accessible via roads that are tree-lined. Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 Roads are lined with "flowery rugs". Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 Harmony in nature. Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 Picturesque scene. Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 A quaint look of the countryside. Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 Each house offers a specialty in a distinctive manner. Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 A rare rural scene of tranquility. Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 Local produce raised in the islet to serve visitors. Photo: Minh Tho/MEF
 A charming girl in the islet.
 The message that inhabitants want to convey: Hospitality.