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Aug 21, 2019 / 20:01

Eduten Playground – advanced Finnish edutech helps ease Vietnam students’ pressure

A learner-centered and stress-free learning method will enable Vietnamese students find some joy with progress made visibly.

A number of students in Vietnam will be no longer stressful in learning mathematics as they are equipped with advanced Finland’s education technology that brings them fun and love for the subject. 
Finnish children enjoy stress-free learning method. Photo: Eduten
Finnish children enjoy stress-free learning method. Photo: Eduten

With a viewpoint that no intellectual differences are noted between children in a developed or developing country, dedicated Finnish people are making efforts to bring to Vietnam “Eduten Playground” – a digital learning platform with scientifically proven impact on learning results and grades.

Eduten Playground enables students to learn in a most comfortable way with the highest efficiency and it makes teachers’ life easier with automated lesson planning and learning analytics. 

Eduten Playground achieves all this by combining Finnish educational excellence with gamification and AI.

So it comes up with a question on how excellent Finnish education is to result in such a good digital learning platform. 

Finland’s education 

Janne Oksanen, Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission, the Embassy of Finland in Hanoi. Photo: GOInternational Finland

Janne Oksanen, Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission, the Embassy of Finland in Hanoi, said that the quality of Finland’s education is effectiveness, especially fun for both teachers and students. 

Finland has made the best technologies applied in education worldwide thanks to the country’s renovation in education and its consistent policies for education which requires and attracts the participation of the whole society, the diplomat said at the launching ceremony of Eduten Playground in Hanoi last weekend. 

Looking back at the revolutionary history of Finland’s education over the past 50 years which CEO of Eduten Ltd Henri Muurimaa has shared at the ceremony, people may have no words but admiration for the effortless progress. 

In 1960s, Finland’s education was underperforming like many other countries. Being aware of the importance of education, Finland began to rethink and reform the education system in early 1970s with teacher training scheme, mostly in higher education. 

Henri Muurimaa, CEO of Eduten Ltd. Photo: GOInternational 

Accordingly, each teacher would be trained to master’s level. 

This strategy has succeeded in turning teaching into one of the most highly respected professions in the country. 

After decades, a well-performed system has been formed and no need to make order for teachers as they were active in finding the best teaching methods and choosing the most effective teaching tools, Henri said. 

What makes Finland’s education unique is a completely different approach to student testing. Finnish children never take a standardized test while they are allowed to greater number of extracurricular activities and subject choices. 

Good teachers, inspiring curricula, and sustainable leadership are key building blocks of Finland’s success in international examinations, according to journalist Richard Trenchard.

Meanwhile, Henri Muurimaa said “In Finland, the best school is the nearest” as there are no rankings among schools which are all good. 

Eduten Playground – product of foremost Finnish education 
Finnish and Vietnamese people who are dedicated for stress-free learning method in Vietnam. Photo: Tam Nguyen
Finnish and Vietnamese people who are promoting the application of Eduten Playground in Vietnam. Photo: Tam Nguyen

With the motto “Let children be children”, Eduten Playground advocates no tense in study and reduces teachers’ workload, helping them to have more time for students. 

In addition, each individual has different learning methods, Eduten Playground is typical for technology-enhanced learning (TEL) that helps close gap between students as CEO Henri argued.

For that reason, Eduten Playground, a spin-off of globally ranked top 1% University of Turku, provides a library of more than 17,000 mathematics exercises for pupils aged 6-18 years. 

The exercises, which have been co-designed with hundreds of Finnish teachers, are easy to use with any curriculum.

Eduten Playground enables students to solve up to 8 times more tasks compared to pen and paper. It also improves the 21st century skills, including motivation, self-confidence and resilience to mistakes.

Backed up by more than 12 years of scientific research, Eduten Playground went international in 2018 and now is present in India, UAE, the US, Lithuania, Hong Kong, Sweden, the UK, Australia, Nigeria, Namibia, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Romania, Estonia, Russia, Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam together with the availability for more than 50,000 students in Finnish schools.

GOInternational Finland
Mohammad Shabbir, founder and CEO of GOInternational Finland. Photo: GOInternational Finland
Mohammad Shabbir, founder and CEO of GOInternational Finland. Photo: GOInternational Finland

Arguing that there’s no intellectual differences between kids in Finland and in Vietnam and Vietnamese children are no less smart than Finnish ones, Mohammad Shabbir, founder and CEO of GOInternational Finland, believed that the reason that makes them different is just how they have been educated. 

With an aim to help Vietnamese students experience the learner-centered and stress-free learning, GOInternational Finland partners with Eduten and Song Ngan Co., Ltd to boost the application of Eduten Playground in Vietnam. 

He believes it’s not the billionaires of developing nations but the best education for children will finally elevate their countries. Therefore, his mission is to spend a decade of his coming life helping all students of developing nations get the best education tools of the world at their local schools.