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Dec 23, 2020 / 11:20

Experiencing night tour in Hanoi’s historic Hoa Lo prison

At a night tour in the Hanoi’s historic Hoa Lo prison, visitors will witness the harshness of the colonial region during the wars in Vietnam and the noble sacrifice of the national heroes.

 Visitors gather at the front of Hoa Lo prison before starting the night tour called:” Sacred Night — Glorious Vietnamese Spirit.”
 A 45-minute journey backward in time will begin with the guide' briefing visitors about the prison.
 Each tour will have a maximum of 25 people.
 Through the front door, visitors are given a more detailed look about the history and architecture of the prison.
 Inside the prison, visitors will feel the dark atmosphere through the sound and lighting system to better understand the harshness of the colonial penitentiary regime during the wars and the sacrifice of national heroes that have become a part of the country’s proud history.
 In the block for male prisoners, visitors will know more about the unwavering spirits of revolutionary soldiers.
 The lighting and sound design system is used to enhance visitors’ perception of what happened in the prison.
Visitors are set for a night they cannot forget.
Starvation, isolation and torture were constant companions of prisoners.
A visit to the solitary confinement is a highlight of the night tour.
 After spending time in the darkness, visitors will feel more relax upon entering the open space where prisoners could see the sun. Artist Do Nhuan, a former Hoa Lo prisoner, plays a piece of music to commemorate those were once held here.
 Later, visitors have chance to discover two tunnels through which many prisoners escaped.
A simulation model of prisoner Vu Duc Chinh cutting the prison bars.
 In the block of female prisoners, visitors can learn about the life story of Nguyen Thi Quang Thai, the wife of General Vo Nguyen Giap.
 A memorial space is the final destination of the journey.
 Visitors can stay here and find a peaceful moment
 Here they can offer incense and pay tribute to those sacrificed their lives for the country.
 Before leaving the prison, visitors are offered a small desert.