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Feb 14, 2021 / 17:51

Four magnificent seasons on “Roof of Indochina”

Mount Fansipan is an ideal destination for couple on Valentine’s day

Fansipan, the “Roof of Indochina” is beautiful all year round. Particularly, each season makes it a different beauty. More interestingly, even if you have been to Fansipan all four seasons, you still want to come back because there are unique magnificent moments of nature that would never be seen again.

Spring - misty forests of blooming flowers

Beach blossom in Mount Fansipan in Spring. Photo: Sun World Fansipan Legend.

Those who love Fansipan also fall into its beauty in spring. The misty forests and mountain and blooming flowers weave a colourful coat for Fansipan.

It is where all the most beautiful flowers of the Northwestern region gather, namely the pink peach, the white of plum, the yellow rapeseed, and  tulip of different colors. Many of them are grown at the tourism complex of Sun World Fansipan Legend, especially Japanese cherry near the cable car. 

The Dao ethnic women are walking though a tea field on Mount Fansipan. Photo: Sun World Fansipan Legend.  

Particularly, Fansipan is also covered by red in spring from Rhododendron. Also considered as the queen of Fansipan’s nature, Rhododendron here features more than 40 species growing at an altitude of 2,400 - 2,800 meters above the sea level,  some trees date back hundreds of years old.

Besides red as the most popular color, there are others such as white, pink, purple, yellow, among other. 

On the top of Indochina of 3,143metres above sea level in spring, you will never forget the fanciful picture of green forest and red Rhododendron in the mist. 

Summer - valleys of roses

Roses are seen everywhere on the mount in summer. Photo: Sun World Fansipan Legend. 

When the scorching heat of summer burns the streets, people miss Fansipan where it is only 20-25 degree C this time. Moreover, they can also enjoy the poetic landscape of rose valleys here.

In summer, rose creepers grow everywhere, from the roof of houses to the wall, alleys, and on hills, valleys and pagodas in Sun World Fansipan Legend, showing the beautiful red and pink color with the seductive fragrance spreading Fansipan. 

Autumn - seas of cloud and rice

The mist is covering the whole mountain scenery in an early morning summer. Photo: Sun World Fansipan Legend.  

Autumn is the “hunting” season of Fansipan for nature photographers. They do not hunt animals but clouds and rice.

At an altitude of 3,143metres above sea level, thick clouds appear everywhere like a white sea or in heaven. Sometimes, some clouds are thin, like opening a part of the sky’s door to contemplate the charming Sapa town below.

It is another yellow sea of vast terrace field on the mountain ready for the harvest time in September and October. Houses appear and disappear among the yellow rice fields in the mountain, portraying fascinating nature paintings of all time. 

Years after years, cloud and rice have been two “specialties” of Fansipan and Sapa town that lure millions of people to visit, fall in love and return again and again.

Winter - enchanting ice paintings

The exotic beauty of Mount Fasipan in winter. Photo: Sun World Fansipan Legend.  

The icy coldness of Fansipan sometimes freezes everything. However, it makes another special attraction for the place in winter in the tropical country.

In winter, the temperature on Mount Fansipan can drop to -9 degree C and form transparent stalactites of ice looking like crystals on the houses, or on trees and flowers on the mountain. The exotic beauty is like in the fairy tales of beautiful Nordic regions.

The Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda on the moutain top. Photo: Sun World Fansipan Legend.  

The early winter is also the time when visitors can have the opportunity to see the luminescence phenomenon on Fansipan Mount, right at the location of Buddhist Bodhisattva statue or Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda. Many people believe that anyone who sees this phenomenon will have good luck in their life.

Four marvelous seasons with wonderful natural moments at the sacred peak of Fansipan have won both local and international hearts. For many visitors, Fansipan is always a mystery so that they cannot help but come every season.

The Buddhist Bodhisattva statue on the top of Mount Fansipan. Photo: Le Viet Khanh

On Fansipan, Sun World Fansipan Legend is a must-see destination as it was awarded the world's leading natural landscape tourist attraction in 2020 by the prestigious World Travel Awards.