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May 18, 2022 / 14:38

Global Blockchain Conference to be held in Vietnam

The event will connect businesses and promotes the development of the blockchain in the world.

The 10th Global Blockchain Conference - Version for Southeast Asia will be held in Vietnam by Agora in collaboration with V2B Labs and the Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU) in the coming time, according to Vietnam Digital Media Association.

The event is considered an important and meaningful milestone for the development of the blockchain industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia in the years ahead.

Experts have assessed that Vietnam is a country with impressive achievements in digital transformation and technology development.

This is thanks to the breakthrough strategies and visions of the Vietnamese Government on digital transformation with a focus on promoting open policies, encouraging the development of new technologies, which improve people’s life quality, creating a favorable business environment for enterprises, and enhancing the efficiency of the Government’s management.

According to the organizers, Vietnam is seen as a potential market for blockchain technology development. In this field, Vietnam has emerged as an industry phenomenon with a series of world-class projects. This is the reason why Vietnam has been chosen as the host of the 10th Global Blockchain Conference.

This is an event that connects businesses and promotes the development of the blockchain around the world.

The previous nine editions of the Global Blockchain Conference were successfully held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), attracting the participation of more than 650 investors and over 200 startup projects around the world.

Vietnam Blockchain Association officially makes debut

Vietnam Blockchain Association was launched at the inaugural ceremony held in Hanoi on May 17, becoming the first official legal entity specializing in the field of blockchain technology and representing blockchain technology researchers, product developers, and business owners throughout the country.

The association is seen as a breakthrough step in promoting blockchain technology's application in a digital economy and leveraging Vietnam's position on the global technology map. Its action programs will bolster the research and application of blockchain technology solutions to every economic aspect.

Vietnam Blockchain Association signs a cooperation agreement with partners. Photo: Chau Anh

Its tasks include expanding relationships with blockchain organizations and communities around the world and creating favorable conditions for members to share experiences and resources to research, test, apply, deploy and trade blockchain technology in accordance with Vietnam’s law.

Besides, the association will attract investment for the operation of the blockchain industry and focus on training and developing digital human resources.

“Vietnam Blockchain Association is committed to making contributions to raising community awareness and advising on the development of legal corridors, standards, and regulations in the application of products and services on the blockchain technology platform,” said the association's Chairman Hoang Van Huay.

“Vietnam has been focusing on researching and applying blockchain. We hope to see many enterprises and individuals joining us for the association to grow into a strong organization and for accelerating the development of blockchain technology in Vietnam,” Huay added.

Due to its transparency in data sharing, high confidentiality and trustworthiness, blockchain is being used in many industries such as finance, logistics and retail.

Vietnam has witnessed the rapid introduction and development of blockchain technology in recent years. As the number of enterprises, researchers, and engineers pursuing the technology increases, the need for connection, collaboration, sharing, and support also rises. Therefore, an official organization with a legal entity to lead the Vietnamese blockchain community's expansion and strong development goals is vital.

Vietnam Blockchain Association will bridge the Vietnamese blockchain community with the Government agencies to build a legal framework for blockchain industry, aligning with the nation's plan to develop a digital economy.

“Hopefully the association will utilize its resources for technology and science projects in blockchain so Vietnam can create outstanding products, become an active player in the global blockchain market, and nurture the industry talents for the future,” Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology Nguyen Van Tung stressed at the inaugural ceremony.