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Apr 13, 2023 / 21:44

Hanoi completes preparations for 12th Vietnam-France Decentralization Conference

The city's logistical work for the event has been completed.

Today [April 13], a delegation led by the Deputy Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee and Head of the Reception and Logistics Subcommittee for the 12th Vietnam-France Decentralization Conference, Nguyen Manh Quyen, inspected the overall preparations for the event.

 Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Manh Quyen during the inspection. Photos: The Hanoi Times

Hanoi will host the 12th Vietnam-France Decentralization Conference this week, which marks an important milestone in the partnership between the two countries' localities and provides numerous opportunities for extensive cooperation in various fields beyond the preservation of cultural heritage and the promotion of cultural values.

As part of the inspection work, the delegation visited sites hosting the event's activities, including Du Parc, May De Ville, Sunway and Melia hotels.


During the tour, the team was briefed by hotel representatives on the status of preparations. Hotel officials acknowledged the tremendous political responsibility the event holds for the nation's capital and expressed their excitement at being selected to help plan the event.


They also reaffirmed their commitment to do their best to ensure the smooth running of the upcoming activities.

According to a report from the city's Department of Foreign Affairs, various agencies and units in Hanoi have worked together effectively to prepare for all aspects of the 12th Vietnam-France Decentralization Conference, including accommodation, traffic flow, parking arrangements, and conference services.

On April 13, the reception department welcomed the first delegations to Hanoi at Noi Bai International Airport.


During the inspection, Vice Chairman Quyen stressed that the conference was a national event and thanked the participating units for their valuable contributions. He said that the logistics and reception of the conference had been largely completed.

He also pointed out external elements, such as traffic, food safety and hygiene, and medical support, that could affect the event. He advised service units to remain vigilant and ready to address any issues that may arise, and to be prepared to take corrective action if necessary.

 Voluntary people participate in the campaign. 

Quyen emphasized the crucial role and responsibility of the volunteers who will be directly welcoming and interacting with the delegations, stressing the need for highly focused reception and logistics activities to ensure optimal conditions for a successful conference.

On the same day, Hang Gai Ward in Hoan Kiem District mobilized local staff and volunteer groups to participate in an urban renovation campaign to create a beautiful green landscape for the upcoming 12th Vietnam-France Decentralization Conference.

 Members of the youth union clean the streets. 

The campaign focused on the ward's main streets, such as Hang Non, Hang Gai, and Hang Bong, as the authorities sought to raise awareness among businesses, households, and people to implement civilized urban order voluntarily.

Nguyen Manh Linh, Chairman of the Hang Gai Ward People's Committee, said the campaign aims to maintain urban order, create a clean and beautiful landscape, and strengthen the public's awareness of adhering to laws to ensure urban order.

 Hang Bong Street after renovation works. 

After the campaign was launched, the streets, including Hang Gai and Hang Bong, were cleared and cleaned, making it easier for people to walk. To contribute to modern, civilized and cultural capital, Linh also stressed that the Hoan Kiem District People's Committee would routinely and continuously inspect and deal with violations that make the urban landscape unsightly.

 Hang Gai Street.