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Jan 27, 2022 / 07:36

Hanoi launches Mailand Hanoi City - first creative hub

Mailand Hanoi City is hosting Home Hanoi Spring 2022 flower street, an event which is aimed at promoting the image of the capital city.

Hanoi’s first creative hub, Mailand Hanoi City, was launched in the outskirt district of Hoai Duc on January 22.

The hub, inspired by UNESCO and UN-Habitat, is the convergence of sustainable urban design and traits of cultural heritage.

 Hanoi’s first creative hub - Mailand Hanoi City. Photos: Splendora Bac An Khanh

Being dubbed “Home of Tomorrow”, the project, former Splendora Bac An Khanh, Hoai Duc District, is one of the urban areas invested by the South Korean group Posco. 

This place promises to become a creative ecosystem, where residents are the center of development, along with the transformation of the land of thousands of years of civilization, according to the investor.

Under the project, a creative design center will be formed with the aim of supporting breakthrough ideas and a young community with entrepreneurial aspirations.

The project is located in the dynamic development corridor west of Hanoi, about 15km from Hoan Kiem Lake and a 10-minute drive from the National Convention Center. In an area of nearly 300ha, Mailand Hanoi City has five core areas with outstanding characteristics. 

Until February 6, Mailand Hanoi City is also the place to host Home Hanoi Spring 2022 flower street, one of the activities to promote the image of the capital, a member of  UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network. 

Under the theme “The golden journey of Tet Holiday”, the event offers a unique trip departing from the creative city of Mailand Hanoi City for visitors to explore the atmosphere of the Lunar New Year festival. They can also explore the pedestrian street Pont De Long Bien in Mailand Hanoi City.

 Food stores at the pedestrian street Pont De Long Bien
 A handicraft store at the pedestrian street Pont De Long Bien