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Jul 11, 2023 / 15:11

Hanoi Opera to host Ngo Thuy Mien's live love song show

The show will be a performance of love songs by Ngo Thuy Mien, reflecting his life-long love for his wife.

The Hanoi Opera House will host Mat biec (Dreamy Eyes), a night of music featuring love songs by composer Ngo Thuy Mien, on August 12.

Music director Nguyen Quang will tell the audience a respectful love story between Ngo Thuy Mien and his wife, Doan Thanh Van, who inspired the artist to compose throughout his life.

Mien said all the songs are dedicated to Van, his only love. The couple currently live together in the US.

Mien was born in 1948 in the northern city of Haiphong. He has authored about 70 love songs, which are so popular that many people call them Mien khuc (Ngo Thuy Mien's songs).

 The show will feature young, talented singers. Photos: The Hanoi Times

During the music show, the audience will be able to enjoy popular songs such as Last Song, Last Love, This Afternoon Without You, Ha Dong Silk Dress, Ivory Tears, Dreamy Eyes, Christmas, Age 13, Autumn for You, Love Song for You, and A Private Corner of the Sky.

Singers who will perform at the show include Elvis Phuong, Phuong Phuong Thao, Le Viet Anh, Huy Quyet, Tuan Anh, Tran Tuan Hoa, Dieu Thuy, Phuong Anh, Bach Nguyen, Ngoc Cham, Tri Anh, Ngan Thuy, and Nhat Truong.

Ngo Thuy Mien once said: "Love is eternal. Since I started writing music, I have chosen a direction for myself: to write love songs. And before and after me, many musicians have written about the war, about the homeland, about the fate of the people. We all contribute to the Vietnamese music industry, each with a different tendency. I only want to be remembered as a writer of love songs, no more and no less."

He said he doesn't write music to live but lives to write music. If people can identify with him, he would be very happy.

The show's music director, composer Nguyen Quang, said Mien and his wife's love is admirable. That's why Quang decided to work on the show.

"I think Mien's music has a very beautiful, emotional, and romantic melody. Some lyrics are sad but always look forward to a bright future. For me, Mien's music is very close, like my father's music - composer Nguyen Anh 9," said Nguyen Quang.

Commenting on the presence of many young singers at the show, musician Nguyen Quang said he chooses talented and educated singers and wants to give them a chance to promote themselves.

 Singer Ngoc Cham will work as the show's producer. 

Singer Ngoc Cham, the show's producer, said this is a show of the author's work, so she needs singers to perform with the most genuine emotions and natural vibrations.

"I have done a lot of live shows for famous singers to make a name for themselves. I have also helped musicians organize their concerts. I wish to create opportunities for talented singers to reach a wider audience. I believe that new voices and new remixes will bring emotions to the audience," said Cham.