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May 17, 2018 / 16:41

Hanoi to take measures for improving the PAPI in plant protection

The Hanoi Department of Plan Protection has recently released Plan No. 239/KH-BVTV on improving the Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) in 2018.

Under the Plan, to improve the PAPI, the Hanoi Plant Protection Department will focus on carrying out six following major missions and solutions:
Illustrative image
Illustrative image
Increasing the responsibility of leaders of Party Committees and units for performing public duties; publicizing, implementing various solutions in thrift practice and fight against waste, bureaucracy, and corruption; consolidating the apparatus more streamline and effective; publicizing administrative procedures to create favorable conditions for organizations and people to supervision the performance of public duties of officials and public servants;
Strengthening communication and popularization of legal regulations of laws and relevant documents on prevention and control of corruption via diversified ways among officials and public servants, contributing to improving the efficiency of the battle against corruption in agencies, units; carrying out regulations and settlement processes in performing daily public duties; bringing into full play the supervision of People’s Inspection Boards to promote the fight against corruption.
Making mechanisms and policies on protecting officials, public servants and people when they denounce corruption activities and other negative expressions; strictly handling violators; announcing the outcomes  of the fight against corruption; improving the efficiency of carrying out the one stop shop mechanism in dealing with administrative procedures of organizations and citizens.
Carrying out the review of regulations, administrative procedures under the authority; suggesting saving time and cost in settling administrative procedures so as to create favorable conditions for citizens; timely updating and publicizing enough administrative procedures under the authority; positively strengthening the reform for the benefit of the people and the community, etc.