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Feb 13, 2021 / 16:59

Hanoians go to pagoda on 2nd day of Tet holiday

Many people in Hanoi go to Tran Quoc pagoda on the second day of Tet holiday to pray for a year of good luck, health, and prosperity.

Going to pagoda on the first days of the Lunar New Year is one of traditional activities that many people have maintained for generations in the country that Buddhism is the biggest religion.

A large number of people go to Tran Quoc pagoda, a famous facility in the heart of Hanoi. 

The pagoda is located on the bank of West Lake and near Thanh Nien, which is one of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi. 

Safety instructions for visitors before entering the pagoda. 

 Hand sanitizing.
 Visitors, including young people, go to the pagoda. 

 The pagoda attracts a large number of visitors. 

 All visitors wear face masks. 
 Visitors are warned of safety measures.