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Dec 26, 2019 / 00:56

Hegemonic Behavior

With the sanctions, Washington wants its European allies and partners to buy more gas from America and less from Russia.

The sanctions signed off by US President Donald Trump against companies building a Russian gas pipeline to Germany will certainly delay the its completion. The US$11 billion pipeline, called Nord Stream 2, is intended to send natural gas to Europe without needing to transit through Ukraine or Poland. While strongly condemning the US, Germany has refrained from taking retaliatory measures against the US and the EU will keep a wait and see mood. Russia will undoubtedly counter the sanctions properly sooner rather than later. It is also clear that this project will go on and be finished in a few months’ time.

 Nord Stream 2 project.

By considering the US act meddling into the internal affairs of Germany and other European countries, the German government has pointed to the core of the matter. Once again, the whole world witnesses the usual ways and means Washington makes its own politics, namely to enforce US laws outside its own territory as well as to impose America’s will on other countries. In this particular case, the US wants all companies and individuals in the world to withdraw from this project so that Russia could have no ways to send gas to Europe but through Ukraine or Poland – two US friends who are currently antagonistic to Russia. With the sanctions, Washington wants its European allies and partners to buy more gas from America and less from Russia. Pure US interests and for the interests of the US only. That the sanctions aim at safeguarding Europe's energy security and preventing Germany from becoming dependent on Russian gas supply is just a sermon.

Also in recent days, the US threatened to sanction China over Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the past, Cuba, Iraq and Syria were either threatened, sanctioned or invaded.

The moves show America’ disregard of international laws and common practice in relations among world states. Imposing its will on other countries for its interests manifests hegemonic behavior which must be fought against in today's world. The US, once again, undermines the spirit and value of international laws. If the rule of jungle and the ambitions of the stronger prevail and the world let them prevail, the world – our world – wouldn't be in order anymore and the future of international relations would be the past.

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