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Jan 23, 2019 / 15:22

Kien So pagoda – A majestic historical site from Ly dynasty

Kien So pagoda still preserves the imprints of the founder of the Ly dynasty- Ly Cong Uan.

Kien So is a part of the whole Phu Dong temple complex (Gia Lam, Ha Noi). This place is one of the most majestic historical sites from the Ly dynasty

This pagoda is located next to Thuong temple. Legend has it that there was a local dignitary who worshipped the Buddah and spent a lot of money to build this pagoda. He even invited Lap Duc monk to run this pagoda. In the year of the Mouse (820), a monk named Vo Ngon Thong from Guangzhou (China) came to Vietnam and lived in this temple for the rest of his life.
Kien Son pagoda still keeps traces King Ly Cong Uan, the founder of the Ly dynasty. Under the Le dynasty, prior to the Ly dynasty, there was a forewarning that a man with a mark on his leg of the Ly clan will topple down the king and found a new dynasty. The then King ordered to find and kill that fated man. On the feet of Ly Cong Uan, there was an obvious mark of a true-born king. In order to protect himself, he had to hide at Kien So pagoda. Also at that time, the heir of master Vo Ngon Thong secretly hid Ly Cong Uan in a cave under the Buddha statue, then the king’s men failed to find and kill Ly Cong Uan.
One night Ly Cong Uan dreamt, a man who claimed himself Thanh Giong, the protector of Phu Dong village, told him that Ly Cong Quan would be the next king. Ly Cong Uan, once becoming the king, moved the capital of the country to Thang Long, embellished Kien So pagoda and built Phu Dong temple as an act of appreciation of Thanh Giong. The structure of Kien So pagoda looks quite large.  
The main temple has the similar structure like other old temples in the North. Stepping through the gate, visitors find a lake full of lotus flowers, surrounded by the entrance to the main temple. To the left of the temple, there is an ancient stone which is believed to have been there for nearly 400 years.

The biggest impression for visitors is perhaps the Cuu Long (also called Lien Hoan cave) which  is made of an unique material with a 200 years-old. It has the biggest size of an old artworks in Vietnam.
The pagoda houses dozens of sculptures such as Buddha, Ly Cong Uan and his mother. The main lounge has 7 lines of statues: the first line is the A Di Da, the second includes five statue (Di Lac in the middle), the third is Quan Am Nam Hai, the fourth is Thich Ca Niem Hoa , the fifth is King of Heaven, the sixth is Cuu Long is and the last one is five Hell’s kings.
Kien So pagoda is one of the most unique wonders in Hanoi.