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Sep 07, 2022 / 20:31

Multi-national youth orchestra kicks off concert series in Hanoi

All performances will be free to bring new and open cultural space for Hanoians.

The Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra (VYO) will make its debut at the Hanoi Opera House on September 8 with the VYO Grand Concert, which will kick off a series of concerts by the first multi-national youth orchestra in Vietnam.

 Members of the Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra come from different countries including Vietnam, Japan, and Russia. Photos: Tra My

According to conductor Phan Do Phuc, all performances will be free to bring new and open cultural space for Hanoians, thereby enriching their musical experience.

Phuc told The Hanoi Times said that the show will feature remastered classical music to facilitate the audience's understanding and enjoyment.

“In my opinion, the nature of music is sharing. Once you see the beauty and noble value of music for yourself, it is natural to share those good things with other people. Now, all VYO members and I are eager to bring beautiful melodies, emotional and graceful dances, as well as positive energies to the community,” said conductor Phuc.

Founded in March 2022, VYO gathers 79 members aged 12 to 22, who are young musicians and amateur artists from different professions and nationalities. They rehearse together every Sunday morning. VYO's mission is to create a lively young orchestra where members discover the lifelong joy of playing music.

 The Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra includes both professional and amateur artists. 

The VYO Grand Concert at Hanoi Opera House is the orchestra’s first public performance, marking a milestone for these young musicians on their journey to ignite and live with their passion for classical music to the fullest. With the shows, VYO's unique music and personalities will be shared with the community with the aim of encouraging the Vietnamese young generation to start learning and playing music along with developing their artistic tastes.

“I have visited the Hanoi Opera House very frequently since I was little, so I would feel extremely surreal to be able to stand on the stage that I was used to seeing from the stands. I love the fact that there will be audiences from various countries, as the orchestra's nationality composition is also diverse. I'm sure that there will be a lot of Japanese concertgoers and I am proud to perform in front of them”, Misaki, a Japanese violinist said. 

Sharing feelings before the concert's premiere, Japanese clarinetist Yuriko said: "I am looking forward to performing beautiful masterpieces for the audience. I think this is a great way to popularise classical music and attract more listeners to the genre.” ”

VYO's activities are part of strategic cooperation with the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra to offer open and friendly music spaces to everyone, regardless of age, gender, qualifications, and contributions.

Honna Tetsuji, the conductor of the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra, expressed his belief that the friendship and connection through the music of the members will bring diversity and new perspectives to the world of classical music and especially a rich music life for each member.

“This will grow further through concerts in public venues. I think the public will be inspired to take an interest in classical music. This is great when the distance between the performers and the audience is narrowed, the way music is enjoyed is more diverse and profound,” he said.

After a long time working in Vietnam, Honna Tetsuji believes that VYO's community concert series will help Hanoi become one of the world's leading music cities.

VYO’s scheduled to hold community concert series in Hanoi during September and early October 2022 at Green Space at Cam Hoi Street (Sep 18); Cultural Centre of Bac Tu Liem District (Sep 24), and Hoan Kiem Lake pedestrian zone (Oct 2).

 Conductor Phan Do Phuc and the Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra.