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May 15, 2021 / 16:26

Lagerstroemia tinges Hanoi streets with purple color

Under the dazzling sunshine, the Lagerstroemia flowers are in full blossom, dyeing the streets of Hanoi purple.

Each season in Hanoi has its own distinctive flowers. The Hoa Gao or the flower of Bombax Ceiba season ended along with Spring, then ensued right away by the season of Bang Lang tim" - Lagerstroemia, indicating that a brilliant summer has come.

Leaving the gloomy and drizzling days behind, Hanoi has re-encountered its usual summer vibrancy with red flamboyant and purple lagerstroemia blossoming all over the streets. 
As the purple lagerstroemia is in full bloom, students are reminded that summer is around the corner, and it is time to say farewell to schools and friends.
The blossoms have dozens of silky petals, and usually bloom from early May till late June when the weather turns hot with some heavy rains.

The lagerstroemia is always blooming into large clusters, each have dozens of little purple blossoms. 

The beautiful flowers without fragrance still sing their silent songs under the sunlight and blue sky, making up a lively painting of summer. 
Lagerstroemia tree is often planted along the roads to cool down the heats in crowded streets of Hanoi. If you are now driving along the street, you will encounter the familiar purple color, just slow down a bit to enjoy its unique beauty!
There are quite a few streets in Hanoi that grow this plant, such as Giai Phong road or some Hanoi’s old streets of Tho Nhuom, Kim Ma, Tay Son, Dao Tan, among others. 
Lagerstroemia flowers have many different colors such as: light purple, pink purple or white-pale-purple , but the trees grown in Hanoi usually have dark purple flowers.
The tiny flowers can enchant many romantic souls that the “Bang Lang tim” (purple Lagerstroemia flower) has starred in many poems and songs about Hanoi. 
Then, purple color of the flowers turns Hanoi streets to be chic and unique in the summer, a scene that everyone who live far away the city would regret for missing it.