31st Sea Games - Vietnam 2021 Covid-19 Pandemic
Dec 19, 2020 / 17:29

Street workers in freezingly cold nights

Outdoor workers are covering themselves up to cope with the 11-14 degree Celsius weather.

Despite the frigid winter, outdoor workers brave the chilly weather to make a living.

They are covering themselves up to cope with the 11-14 degree Celsius weather.

 The nighttime temperature in Hanoi drops to 11 degrees Celsius, the lowest level since the beginning of winter this year.

 During the night of the northeast monsoon, while many people fall asleep, others have no choice but bundle themselves up and go outside to make a living.

 In the freezing temperatures, it seems that the harder you work, the warmer you get.

As it gets colder at night, street vendors try to sell the last cakes on the streets in hopes of making more money before heading home.

Sanitation workers are still struggling in the chilly coldness to clean the road.

The heavy burden of making a living falls on the poor workers’ shoulders every night. The colder it is, the harder their work is.

Corns and sweet potatoes grilled on a charcoal are the best-selling food.

A recycling scrap collector rushes in before sanitation workers remove the waste.

Outdoor workers take a nap on the street pavement before continuing with their livelihood.

The guard burns firewood to warm himself in the cold winter.

 A homeless man huddles himself up in a corner of a small street.

 Meteorological experts recommend that people on the street should keep their body warm to avoid flu.