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Jun 18, 2023 / 14:57

Vietnam's colors in an overseas Vietnamese painter’s artworks

The palette and lighting in the artwork of Ly Tran, a Vietnamese-American painter, are bold and vibrant. Despite the familiar subject matter, there is a certain mystery.

The exhibition "Da Sac" or Iridescence by Ly Tran is now on display at the exhibition hall No. 29 Hang Bai Street in Hanoi.

Artist Ly Tran in Hanoi. Photo: Hanoi Grapevine

The exhibition, which runs through June 21, 2023, features more than 70 paintings about cultural diversity in various materials: oil, lacquer, and mixed media.

This volume of work is quite a lot of baggage to carry for a solo show.

Born in Vietnam in 1982, this talented painter studied industrial design in Moscow. She lived in the United States and recently returned to Vietnam to devote herself to her creative practice.

Ly Tran's works of art are inspired by anything that makes the artist feel emotional. From tangible subjects like flowers, landscapes, people, and animals... to intangible concepts like balance, life cycle, love and more.

"As an enthusiast of graffiti art, I have a passion for adventures with color. I often blend impressionism and expressionism with emotion in creating my artwork. While I adore lacquer, I am also proficient in various other media, so in addition to oil and lacquer paintings, some of my works were painted in multiple layers with different materials combined," she said.

The artwork titled Kiss Me, Oil in Canvas by Ly Tran

The palettes and lighting in her works are bold and vibrant, with a certain mystery despite the familiar theme. Ly Tran sets her soul on fire and warms the audience with sweet mixtures of colors, whether warm or cool tones, never ceasing to explore different materials through artistic emotions.

After a series of exhibitions in the USA, her debut in her homeland is an experience that both conveys and evokes emotions.

Ly Tran chose the name "Iridescence" for her exhibition in Hanoi, referring to her personality - the artist born in Hanoi, grew up in Moscow and lives in the United States of America.

At the same time, "Iridescence" is a mixture of many different painting themes and materials, describing the artist's inner self.
The exhibition "Iridescence" is Ly Tran's salute to her native country after many years of estrangement.

Below are some of the artist's typical works:

"The boat and the ocean"/ Oil on canvas
 "Electric Pole" / Oil on canvas
 "The Timeline"/ Oil on canvas
 The Lotus/ Oil on canvas
 "The Sea" / Oil on canvas
 "No Name"/ Oil on canvas